Worth Your Click: Most Innovative Leaders, Email Inspiration & More

This week we’ve collected a series of inspiring videos, email templates, new plugins and insights into what makes a leader innovative.

Ahrefs Content Distribution Strategy & More

Tag: #Marketing
Time: 19 min

Love Ahrefs as much as we do? The guys from Ahrefs started vlogging about the inner workings of their marketing department. In this first episode, they discuss content marketing on YouTube, the importance of a “story-line” behind your content and more. Be sure to watch it. 


Google Releases Native Lazyload Plugin for WordPress

Tag: #WordPress
Time: 2 min

If you are a WordPress user, then this plugin is a must. Created by a Google engineer, it lazy loads images and iframes and promises to magically improve the user’s website performance without intervention. 


Email Inspiration, Resources, and Discovery

Tag: #Marketing
Time: 5 min

Want to increase your email open rate? From the maker of One Page Love comes Email Love, where you can browse over 60 exceptionally inspirational email templates. This will definitely make your email marketing campaigns much more noticeable.

Email Love

Use Splash and Skeleton Screens

Tag: #Design 
Time: 4 min

Don’t you hate waiting idly? Everybody does. Make sure your visitors are happy and entertained during page load time. Learn how to create a better login experience for your users by creating splash and skeleton screens. 


Introducing Twenty Twenty

Tag: #WordPress
Time: 3 min

Bye-bye 2019, hello 2020! WordPress 5.3 is coming out soon and with it comes a new default theme: Twenty-Twenty. While not as awesome as our Hello theme, it shows some promise and is worth being excited about!



Tag: #Business
Time: 25 min

The CEO of Wistia hosts a series of interviews with the people behind successful brands, where they discuss tactics, taglines, and more. Get on the brandwagon and watch their creative video intro, it’s an absolute must watch! 


America’s Most Innovative Leaders

Tag: #Business
Time: 3 min

Get inspired by the most creative and successful business minds of the generation. Forbes wrote about four essential leadership qualities of the top founders and CEOs in the U.S and ranked them accordingly. 


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Sergei Davidov
Sergei Davidov
Sergei Davidov is a content creator at Elementor. His favorite topics are gadgets, advances in science, new apps and software solutions. He enjoys spicy food, reading books and listening to elevator music.

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