Tips for an Engaging Facebook Business Page

Tag: #Marketing
Time: 5 min

It used to be so easy to grow your Facebook business page. With all the algorithm changes, getting your page in people’s feeds is a real challenge. Luckily, HubSpot is here to help with a few actionable tips (some of which were new to us).

WordPress Security Risk

Tag: #Security 
Time: 3 min

A website hacking campaign has been ongoing since July. Hackers have been exploiting vulnerabilities in over ten WP plugins in order to backdoor sites. These plugins include Bold Page Builder, Blog Designer, Live Chat with Facebook Messenger, Yuzo Related Posts, Visual CSS Style Editor, WP Live Chat Support, Form Lightbox, Hybrid Composer and All former NicDark plugins.

Hire More Junior Designers

Tag: #Design
Time: 6 min

As agencies and startups struggle to hire senior designers, this writer argues that hiring junior designers and fostering their talent offers many overlooked benefits.

Twitter’s CEO’s Account Hijacked

Tag: #Security
Time: 2 min

A group of hackers calling themselves ‘the Chuckling Squad’, has managed to use Twitter’s text-to-tweet service to hijack Jack Dorsey’s account.

About Colors and Emotions

Tag: #Design
Time: 8 min

Colors and emotions are closely linked. Some colors can make us happy, others can make us sad, or even hungry. As a designer, you need to know how to use them.

Malicious Websites Used to Hack into Iphones

Tag: #Security
Time: 2 min

Google’s security researchers found a number of malicious websites which, when visited, could hack into a victim’s iPhone. What’s up with all these hackers lately?

Teaching Your Clients Design

Tag: #Design
Time: 9 min

How do you teach design to someone who has no previous experience in the field? This is a question always on our own minds, which is why we found this article so inspiring. These lessons are far from obvious: decode yourself, watch out for field-specific rhetoric, focus on the core… This is a truly valuable piece.