A Security Incident at Hostinger Which May Affect 14 Million Customers

Website: Hostinger.com
Why click: Take precautions when using this web hosting service. 
Tag: #Security
Time: 3-4 min

Hostinger, a popular web hosting service, recently experienced a data breach. Their blog reports the incident occurred on August 23rd, where an unauthorized third party accessed one of their servers. This server contained an authorization token, which was used to obtain further access. They have reset all passwords as a precautionary measure, but this breach may have affected 14 million customers. 

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The Best Free Stock Image Websites — According to Social Media Pros

Website: Socialmediatoday.com
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 Explore these great free stock image websites. 
Tag: #Design
Time: 5 min

In today’s world, stock photos are a must. Finding decent, available stock image websites is no easy task. You need them for whatever project you are creating, be it an editorial calendar or a blog post. Some stock image sites are expensive, however, and others offer simple, boring images that don’t necessarily fit your requirements. This article offers a list of the best free stock image websites out there, and you should certainly take a look at them. 

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Is Blogging for Business and Marketing Still a Thing in 2019?

Website: Business2community.com
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  Find out whether blogging for business is still valid in 2019. 
Tag: #Marketing
Time: 2-3 min

Recently, the CEO of Glitch said that blogging is “quaint,” a description that prompted a more in-depth look into the subject. This article maintains that blogging is not dead yet, especially when considering SEO, and that it remains a far more effective method than simply posting on Instagram or Twitter. What’s more, it suggests that videos will not replace blogging anytime soon. 

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5 Useful Chrome Extensions Every Web Designer Should Try

Website: Dribbble.com
Why click: Discover new tools that will greatly improve your workflow. 
Tag: #Design
Time: 3-4 min

The guys at Dribble have rounded up some practical tools that can be particularly conducive to your day-to-day work. These tools are Chrome extensions that can change your workflow, including UX Check, Fontface Ninja, and more. Why are they helpful? They assist in checking website usability, identifying fonts, testing out responsive designs, and other functions. 

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How to Use Social Data to Create Viral Content for Your Blog

Website: 85ideas.com
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 Explore how to use social data to give viral marketing a boost.
Tag: #Marketing
Time: 5 min

Thanks to social media, viral content can be spread in a matter of seconds, and viral marketing has become one of the top strategies to promote content. It is very versatile making it a perfect strategy for promoting a blog. With the help of social data, viral marketing can be further optimized to deliver the best results. 

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Placeholder Copy Doesn’t Have to Be Lorem Ipsum

Website: Invisionapp.com
Why click: Improve your workflow with the help of this placeholder tool. 
Tag: #Design
Time: 3-4 min

Tired of using Lorem Ipsum? Afraid, as a designer, to write copy to fill in the gaps? Well, here is a solution for you — Invision Craft. With it, and more specifically, the “Data” option within in, you can seamlessly use relevant placeholders when working with Sketch or Photoshop.

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