7 New WordPress Templates to Help You Start 2018 With a Bang!

Here are 7 brand new designer-made templates that will help you create more beautiful websites for this coming year.

Approaching the new year, we decided to take the most popular industries, and create corresponding professionally designed templates for them. The new templates cover the topics of creative professions, 3 template set – tourism, events and online shop.

The first 3 templates in this set consist of the Creative Professionals Portfolio Templates. It’s no secret that our best-served audience are creative professionals, web designers included. This is why we created a set of three gorgeous portfolio templates, that will help you showcase your projects and works in the best most design-oriented way.

Creative Agency Homepage Template

This template is stylish enough so a professional creative agency can be proud to use it to present their team and works to potential clients. Its fresh and stylish design stands out and has a bold statement that offers a great fit for creative agencies or freelancers.

Graphic Designer Portfolio Template

This template is a great fit to every designer that needs a good portfolio to showcase his or her work in the best way. Inside, you’ll see creative uses of Animated Headlines, the Slideshow Media Carousel, a friendly contact form and a Progress Bar showing skills levels in the best visual way.

Fashion Photographer Portfolio Template

This is a minimalistic yet eye-catching template that is very high on its visual side. The clean design, combined with a smart image layout and entrance animation, create the right impression on visitors. 

Tourism Landing Page Template

This holiday season offers the best opportunity to get more vacation sales. We’ve put a lot of thought into making sure the landing page contains important marketing elements, and perform well in terms of conversion rates. The page starts with a contact form, then displays a well organized deals and closes with a signup form for future engagement with your users.

Conference Event Template

The Law Conference template can work well to onboard an audience for any business event or conference you might want to host. We’ve made sure to include all the necessary information conference events might have: sponsorships logos, about, past events, RSPV as well as a map showing the location of the upcoming event.

Plants Shop Mini Set - Homepage & About Templates

This beautiful Plant Shop template features several unique elements, including a hero slider, recent posts and some creative imagery of plants. To make it easier for you to create more than one page of the Plant Shop template, we are also including this About page. It follows the same color and typography and looks amazing.

Take These Beauties for a Spin

Every time we release new template, we try to incorporate our latest feature releases inside. With these templates, we’ve done the same. 

Seeing how we use our new widgets and features inside pre-designed templates is a great way to find out how to use them. I invite you to insert them in your own websites and examine uses of Hover effects, Media Carousel, Animated Headlines and other Elementor features.

To get the new Creative templates, don’t forget to go to Dashboard > Elementor > Tools and click on ‘Synch Library’.

If you have a certain topic or widget you’d like to see in future Pro and Free templates, drop us a line and let us know.

About the Author

Ben Pines
Ben Pines
Elementor evangelist & head of content. Follow me on Twitter

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61 Responses

  1. Your collection is awesome and best as always. Most newbies have not enough budget to buy themes. On the other hand starting with high quality wordpress themes free is a choice for those who can’t afford to invest.

  2. Keep it coming! I’m glad I purchased Elementor Pro. Now if I can just fine a great theme to go with it. I need something light weight & great for seo. Any recommendations?

    1. Easy one, go with Astra by Brainstorm Force, get Astra Pro if you are serious. If you want another option also look at oceanWp. But I highly recommend Astra, definitely the lightest theme around, works perfectly with Elementor. Enjoy!

    2. Check out North theme by Site Origin. It’s a minimal design from a solid coding group. They have their own page builder but IMHO is no where near as good as Elementor, but the theme rock.

  3. Great job…. Lovely templates!

    Where are the free new templates for the free users?

    I hope we’re going to have ours too soon

  4. New templates look great. But seems like there should be more general or multipurpose templates. Also, is there a target date for the all-in-one Elementor theme and page builder? 🙂

  5. I just recently started using Elementor for the websites I’m building.
    I have to say, my compliments, I’m very impressed.

    I’ve also been watching the videos on the Elementor Youtube channel, good stuff.

    These templates are a very nice addition again.
    Thank you, keep up the good work

  6. I’m glad to be Pro user. This is one of the best investment I ever done for my online businesses! Thank you for the hard works.
    Hopefully there will be template(s) for online courses. It will be perfect for trainers/coaches like me. Thanks again.

  7. Thank you Malthe. I hear a lot of good reviews on Astra. They have a few things coming down the pipeline. I looked at oceanWP and played with both I’m really leaning towards Astra Pro.

  8. A theme that allows two blogs to one site would be amazing. As an author, I use one blog page to showcase my books that have been released or are coming up soon, and another blog page for my actual writing blogs. Since nothing on WordPress seems to offer this, I’m still sadly stuck on Weebly for my author site, which looks amateurish when compared to the beautiful sites Elementor can create. I found directions for creating a theme like that, but as a WordPress newbie, it was far beyond my skills or comprehension lol

  9. Hi Phil, can you be more specific about why you prefer Astra over OceanWP, GeneratePress, etc? It seems that if someone uses Elementor Pro, then they will want to use a rather basic, no thrills theme. But I think OceanWP, for example, is constantly trying to get you to go to “pro” and/or to buy pricey add-ons etc.

  10. A lot of themes I worked with are bloated or they want pay per site. I wanted to go in a new direction especially with tools such as elementor. I don’t mind the basic theme but I would like a few options within the theme such as header manipulations, hooks, mega menu option and theme security anything that can speed up my work the better.

    I also looked at just a framework such as gantry and studiopress. I haven’t made any decisions yet but the time is coming where I will eventually have to pick one.

    OceanWP has a pro version? I didn’t see that I saw extensions to purchase but I don’t need any of those extensions.

    Also with Astra I see that I can import a starter templates and it uses Elementor which will down the time it takes me to finish a site.

    What do you prefer? I’m still in research mode the only decision I made was purchasing Elementor Pro. Which I am happy with that purchase thus far.

    1. crap, i wasn’t done writing – anyways, you guys never cease to impress me… always creating & improving something. I love it, thank you!!

  11. This is why as good as Elementor is, it still adds even more complication and frustration by being only a “page builder” and not a complete theme. So I don’t understand why Elementor was released as only a page builder instead of a theme package like Divi, Beaver Builder, Themify, etc.

    And OceanWP’s version of “pro” is their “core extensions bundle,” which I think is $79 and is billed yearly. In fact, a lot of OceanWP’s demos (templates) are designated “pro” and apparently require their core extensions bundle.

    I saw yesterday that Elementor is soon coming out with inline editing, which is also way overdue, but will be a great improvement. But I think their priority should be to come out with a theme + page builder option.

  12. Divi also has the page builder as a plugin only – so you use any theme. The reliance on page builders coupled with a super flexible (read as: very plain and not “designy”) theme allows folks to build almost anything at this point. I guess the real isse will be if all the style is now built into the use (requirement) of the plugin you’re tied to that particular plugin — even if your content is free to move around — meaning not locked in via a shortcode.

    Pojo’s (the “parent company” behind Elementor, I think) Themes offers a lot of themes, but I’m not sure they’re even really integrated with Elementor. https://pojo.me/themes/ Maybe Ben can clarify why not?

  13. I use Elementor Pro and I find all template very amazing the only thing I miss is a template for musician, a band something can please afford it for us there are many there the would like to build a site for a musician… is there any someone has an idea?

  14. I am also looking for exactly this… Featuring band media like pics, audio tracks, gig dates, video clips in a fancy template 😉 Any suggestions? Thx

  15. Hi i use Elementor Pro and i wondering could you guys make an nice looking theme about cardetailing or something whole new the nanotechnology business that would be awesome.
    Why dont you guys make a contest and let people make their own template a quick way to fill up the template’s section and more people buying Elementor because of the choices of templates right?

  16. Check out GeneratePress as well. Especially if you’re looking to build every layout and design with Elementor. GeneratePress fits well and is very lightweight.

  17. When will elementor have a form widget that can calculate fields?
    The form generators I have tried rely on short codes and that defeats the whole ethos of elementor being a front end creation tool.
    I have to utilise I Frame’s to display excel spreadsheets that have been converted into html.

  18. So out of all the themes you guys recommended, what would you recommend for an ecommerce shop using WooCommerce? The key requirements are obviously integration with Elementor Pro and WooCommerce but also clean code, speed, and added bonus for SEO features.

    So far I have checked out some of the themes mentioned in the comments as well as on the Elementor recommended list: https://docs.elementor.com/article/78-themes

    So far I like OceanWP the best. It just seems clean and fast. Astra seems nice but I do not see any demos with WooCommerce so that makes me a little cautious. GeneratePress I like because it is lightweight and really seems to be well built but it is missing some of the cool design features OceanWP offers. I like a couple of the Pojo themes and since they were built by the same team as Elementor I am sure they play VERY well together but some of the designs are lacking the creativity OceanWP offers. An example Pojo theme that looks nice but is lacking in creativity on the Woo pages is the Atlanta theme.

    Someone sell me on a theme and if you are an affiliate, I will make sure to use your affiliate link to purchase the theme.

  19. @MarkedQuery

    Your comments highlight the frustration of Elementor not being a theme + page builder like others such as Divi, Beaver Builder, Themify, etc.

    As you point out, Elementor and Pojo themes are built by the same team. So it would appear that they should be able to come out with an Elementor theme + page builder someday soon. Let’s hope so!

  20. I’ve tried your Elementor Pro via a friend’s site and I really like it! I am an ordained minister and I was wondering if you would ever consider doing a couple temples for Ministry sites, and Non-Profits. (Purchase-only or otherwise)

  21. Love the 3-column chapter/hard copy/ebook widget. Have a YouTube tutorial on how to use it? I’m using the Sydney theme. Thanks. Love your product!

  22. Hi,

    I’m planning to choose GeneratePress theme with Elementor Pro. Please let me know if I can use generate press free theme and add Elementor Pro.

    Will I miss anything big if I don’t buy the theme’s pro version? Like the white label, sections, or social sharing options.

    Any insight will be helpful.

    Thank You.

      1. This highlights the problem and hassle of having to research, purchase, learn, and maintain a separate theme with Elementor. 🙂

  23. These look like very nice templates. But how do you decide what industries to make templates for? For example, was there a large demand for a “Plant Shop” template?

    Also, why does your comment form require a complete website URL, instead of simply the domain name like most forms?

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