Simon Shocket

The Spanish Community Comes Together

Spanish web creators lead by example as they pull together from across the country, with Elementor communities growing in strength and numbers despite the Coronavirus crisis.

How To Write a Great Web Design Proposal + Free Template

This week we’re looking at work proposals, what to consider, what to include in your price quote, and a pricing system for your services, especially if you’re building websites with Elementor.

Monday Masterclass: How To Use Custom Fonts on WordPress

This week, we’re looking at how to choose fonts, what makes a certain font better than all others for a specific design, and why. We also look at how we can upload and customize fonts in WordPress using Elementor.

How to Set Up a WordPress Staging Site

Learn how to easily set up a staging site and start experimenting with your website without the fear of breaking it or messing up the users’ experience.

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