Spanish is the 2nd most popular language on WordPress and Elementor websites.

You could be right in assuming that this has a lot to do with the fact that Spanish was the 4th most spoken language in the world, long before the age of the Internet. And yet, we believe that perhaps there is something more to it. 

We first felt it when we began the Meetups Program last year when both the Madrid (May 2019) and the Barcelona (July 2019) meetups stood out among so many others.

Since then, the Spanish meetup community has expanded tremendously and now comprises seven major cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia, Zaragoza, Marina Alta, and La Coruna.

Naturally, a combination of curiosity and excitement spurred Ben and Nofar to travel to two central meetups, in Madrid and Barcelona, in February of this year. 

Initially, their goal was to show support for these fast-growing communities, and the leaders who motivate them.

“The time that we dedicate to mingling is a lot more than an opportunity to break the ice and get to know one another. I find that it’s the best time to chat with as many of our local users as possible,” says Nofar, who spent hours listening to members’ ideas, opinions, and feedback, adding that “it’s where I can truly learn the real needs of our users.” 

The delight at the opportunity to really get to know one another was tangible. “Meeting these wonderful people face to face is one thing. Hearing first hand what Elementor means to them, how they use it to get better results, and especially why they had decided to devote time and helping others, enabling them to move forward as professionals, made the whole trip more memorable than we could’ve imagined. I’m more than confident that this ideology, this attitude, is exactly what keeps driving the Spanish community forward”, explains Ben.


Barcelona Meetup — February 2020

Ben & Nofar returned full of inspiration and drive to find new ways to help the Spanish community grow. Fueled by a whole new understanding of the Spanish community, all their plans came to a sudden halt with the European outbreak of COVID-19.

Within weeks Spain had suffered some of the worst casualties of the epidemic. But Spain is no stranger to crisis and tragedy. Spain’s modern history is adorned with heroic defiance of adversity. 

This generation of Spaniards proved they were no different. Lockdown and quarantine be damned. To date, the Elementor Spanish community has held seven meetups online.

Spanish Community Online Meetup April 2020
Spanish Community Online Meetup — April 2020

This community has been nurtured and fueled by the remarkable community leadership of people like Angel G. Zinsel, Santi Alonso, and Santiago Becerra from the Madrid community, Montse Magaña and Alberto Perojo of the Barcelona community, Chabi Angulo and Merche Salas of the Zaragosa community, Rafa Gallego and Rafa Ramos from Sevilla, Aurélie Pons from Valencia, Sofía Fernández Balseiro from La Coruna and Monica Bertomeu, Joan Ráez and Luis Miguel Climent from Marina Alta.

We were inspired to create a means for this amazing community to continue to thrive and inspire others the world over. To this end, on April 22nd, Elementor launched Elementor en Espanol; its very first Spanish-Speaking Online Community, to help people around the globe, united by a common language, come together to help one another achieve a common goal: to excel as web creators. 

Even if your Spanish is half as good as mine, a visit to this already vibrant online community’s page is a must. It will leave you filled with admiration, inspiration, and motivation to be a better web creator, and above all, a better community member.

To find out more about amazing community, to discover solutions, learn new practices, offer assistance and advice, and perhaps volunteer to host a meetup yourself — Join Elementor en Espanol now!

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