Today we are excited to be adding 5 new astonishing homepage templates to our ever growing library.

Elementor’s template library is one of its best and most appreciated features. If you still haven’t used the pre-designed templates feature, I urge you to log in and test it out.

The ability to insert an entire page template, beautifully designed and well structured, with a single click, is truly amazing. In the full blog post you’ll be able to see each of the templates, and read more about their details.

All images that you’ll see in these Elementor templates are CC0, so feel free to use them on your site or landing pages. The templates have also been customized using Elementor’s unique Mobile Editing feature, so they look perfect across all devices.

Study – Elementor Homepage Template

This is a template for an online course that includes a video header, team section, benefits section and contact us & map section. If you want to create a homepage that will let you subscribe students to your course, then this theme can be a great choice. The design of this template is streamlined, friendly and easy to read through. Potential students will be able to skim through your course details across smartphones, tablets, desktops or laptops.

Wedding – Elementor Landing Page Template

Our new wedding template puts the focus on the bride and groom. It features the hero image that includes the big day, a split 2 column section describing the couple, an inspiring quote section, best men and bridesmaids section, itinerary section and final RSVP call to action. This template can be easily customized to fit other events as well. It’s clean and flowery and can make any couple happy. The flower ornament is repeated in various sections of the page, and gives the template a nice touch.

Vacation – Elementor Landing Page Template

The Vacation template has a fullscreen video background, followed by a large call to action section, a features section, slideshow carousel and another call to action section that is rather lengthy in height. It uses bright and bold colors, it’s high on the visual elements, and can be used for any homepage that needs to make an impact on the visitors. This is a centralized and minimalistic template that is great for conveying a clear & simple message.

Law Firm – Elementor Homepage Template

This full width 5 section template is not restricted for lawyer templates alone, but can also be the perfect match for any stylish corporate website. It includes the following sections: a logo-centric header, icon box features, about us, team and contact us. The design is clean and professional, and the template offers a lot of room for placing text that describes the business. If you are looking for a template that manages to communicate the professional quality of your business, then try out this template.

Fitness – Elementor Homepage Template

Our fitness template has 5 different sections, including: hero header, 3 column features, classes, testimonials and pricing table. This template is great for a fitness instructor or any sports related homepage. The template is geared towards recruiting new clients, and lists the different courses that are offered. This is also a great lead generation template. We’ve been getting a lot of requests for a pricing table widget. While this is not yet available, you could save the pricing table section and use its template whenever you need it.

How to Find and Use the New Templates

All the new templates are added automatically for users with Elementor V0.10 or greater. The templates should show up as part of the template list that pops up when you click on ‘Add Template’. 

If you’ve already updated Elementor, and you are still not getting the new templates, go to the Elementor settings page from the WordPress dashboard, and click on: Tools > Sync Library.

For more help, visit our Library docs page.