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What will you learn?

What WordPress is, what your options are when planning a website, and how to install WordPress online or locally as required by your project.

The Goal

By the end of this short one hour course, you will be able to Install, set up and configure WordPress, and can begin uploading content or designing your new website.


Throughout the next 11 lessons, you’ll go from knowing little about WordPress and how it works, to launching a live WordPress site to the web. This course is designed for the complete beginner, and will help develop the vision to realize your new site.

You’ll learn about the WordPress platform and what it can do. We’ll look at how businesses and companies use WordPress to reach millions of users per month. From there, you’ll understand the ‘freedom’ of the platform, along with the resources you may need. The course will finish up with detailed lessons on how to set up WordPress, work within a local development environment, and finally, launching your site to the public.

Lessons in this course

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