A wedding is one of the most important events in a human’s life, so people want to make this event special. Without any doubt, a wedding requires a lot of preparation — it’s essential to plan the event, find the right venue, invite the right people and, finally, run the event itself. 

Many different people work together to make this happen — the happy couple, wedding planners, someone to conduct the ceremony, decorators, photographers, florists, to name a few. And everyone on this list will benefit from having a website. The happy couple could use a wedding website to showcase their special moments with everyone or as a digital invitation for a ceremony, while individuals or companies responsible for various parts of the event need to have a website to advertise their services.

In this article, I want to share a collection of Elementor wedding templates that can be used for various purposes – from announcements to planning. All the templates found below are completely responsive and optimized for Elementor.

1. The Wedding Template by Elementor

Template source: Elementor Template Library
Ideal for: Announcing a wedding
Price: Free

Wedding is a minimal and lightweight one-page template that is excellent for announcing an event. This template is especially helpful for those who aren’t interested in using physical invitations.

We all know that design is all about detail. And when it comes to the Wedding template, you’ll notice the pink color of the heading. This subtle detail serves an important role — it creates a sense of tenderness. And since this color is used in many other areas of the website, it connects them together.

Elementor Wedding Template1

What I particularly like about this template is how it presents information. Wedding follows a rather minimalist approach and provides only essential information about the couple and the ceremony. This smart design decision not only saves visitors time but also make a website amazingly lightweight and fast-loading.

2. Wedding Invitation Template

Template source: Elementor Resources
Ideal for: Announcing a wedding
Price: Free

Wedding Invitation is a perfect template for anyone who wants to create a site to show off their special day or to create an e-invite for all their guests. The hero section features a full-width photo of a couple, along with their names and the date of the event. Notice how the colors and fonts complement one another. Paired with a photo, this text gives a website a very heartwarming feeling.

2. Wedding Invitation Template​

The design of this template is modern and simple while giving plenty of room for wedding content. Similar to the Wedding template that we saw earlier, this template also focuses on saving the visitor’s time — it follows a minimalist approach when providing the information, RSVP form and Google Maps which are integrated right into the template, helping to eliminate the need of paper invitations and allow people to see exactly where the wedding will take place.

3. Photographer Wedding Template

Template source: Mojo Marketplace
Ideal for: Wedding photographers
Price: $59

Weddings are photo-heavy events, and the photographer is one of the most important people at a wedding ceremony. Photographer is a wedding theme that is designed especially with photographers in mind. It can be an excellent choice for wedding photographers who prefer minimalism. The home page displays gorgeous photos in their full glory — the theme features a responsive grid and has built-in retina optimization.

The template has a dedicated page for photo galleries — if visitors want to see more photos, they can go to a stunning gallery where they can find images from the previous wedding.

3. Photographer Wedding Template​

4. Fotographik Wedding Template (for Photographers)

Template source: Elementor Resources
Ideal for: Wedding photographers
Price: $49

Fotografik helps wedding photographers to unveil their photographs and demonstrate how they capture the essence of the moments. The hero section features one of the works, and immediately gives visitors a clear idea of what they will see next — perfect moments captured on camera. The hero section uses a subtle parallax effect that creates a more natural transition to the next part of the page—a collection of photos. The photos are partitioned and well place, so the visitor’s eye quickly travels from one picture to the other.

4. Fotographik Wedding Template (For Photographers)​

5. ShopIsle PRO Online Wedding Shops

Template source: Themeisle
Ideal for: Online wedding shops
Price: $69

Finding the right dress for a wedding ceremony is one of the most stressful parts of preparing for the wedding. Brides spend a lot of time in attempts to find the right dress. If you have the option to make your own little online store that sells wedding clothing, consider ShopIsle PRO. This modern theme is compatible with WooCommerce and allows you to create online shops of any kind, including wedding dress shops. The template is full of subtle details such as subtle parallax scrolling, animated effects, and video ribbons. Those little details introduce dynamism in user interactions and help you showcase your products elegantly and interactively.

Also, this theme comes with a powerful, responsive, and user-friendly mega menu, making it easy to arrange and organize your products in different categories. You have full control over the design and structure of your menus.

5. Shopisle Pro Online Wedding Shops​

6. Florist Wedding Template

Template source: Elementor Resources
Ideal for: Wedding florists/Wedding organizers
Price: $49

It’s hard to imagine a wedding without flowers — flowers are a powerful way of creating the right mood. The Florist theme could be an excellent choice for florists and decorators. As you visit this website, it immediately grabs your attention with the content-centered design. The hero section of this template features a full-screen background image, tagline, and a call-to-action button. The information in this hero section sets the stage for the next sections— nice photo collections and a ‘Featured products’ section which is intended to simplify the process of finding the right flowers.

6. Florist Wedding Template​

7. ForeverLove Wedding Organizer Template

Template source: Template Monster
Ideal for: Wedding organizers/Wedding companies
Price: $75

If you’re an event organizer and looking for an elegant template for your website, then this one is a must-try. ForeverLove captures the visitor’s attention right from the start — as soon as you visit the landing page, you notice the bloom of flowers. Bright colors immediately create a positive mood and make you scroll for more information.

7. Foreverlove Wedding Organizer Template​

The information about the wedding services is provided in an easy-to-scan manner — text sections, paired with visuals, in a zig-zag layout. This layout captures the user’s attention and makes them scroll for more information.

The ForeverLove template contains a TM Photo Gallery plugin that will help you create stunning photo collections and albums. AndElementor users get the complete package of widgets like Carousel, Google Maps and many others for free.

8. Wedding Planner Template

Template source: Envato Elements (you need to install the Envato Plugin to access this template)
Ideal for: Wedding organizers
Price: Free

Wedding Planner is a powerful theme that allows event organizers to showcase their services. The theme offers several homepage templates to choose from as well as plenty of inner page templates. This design combines a classic style with modern web features for a nice touch.

But what makes this theme different is the way it delivers information. It does more than just describe services, it allows event organizers to tell a complete story of how they plan & design weddings that capture the imagination. The layout features both photos and videos from the events.

The template has a dedicated page for pricing. By sharing a pricing table, event organizers can give people a better idea of how much money they’ll spend on the services.

8. Wedding Planner Template

9. Marriage Celebrant Marriage Officiant Template

Template source: Envato Elements (you’ll need to install the Envato Plugin to access this template)
Ideal for: Individual wedding organizer/Marriage officiant
Price: Free

A website created using this theme will be built around a person who works as a marriage celebrant — a person who officiates at a wedding ceremony; depending on the type of wedding, a celebrant can perform religious or secular celebrancy services. All information in this theme is provided in an easy digestible way — the layout is divided into clear sections, and each section provides just enough detail for visitors. The typography and fonts perfectly compliment the overall outlook of the site as well.

Notice the ‘About’ section — this section is perfect for telling a story, what made this person decide to become a marriage celebrant, for example.

9. Marriage Celebrant Marriage Officiant Template​

10. Wedding - Individual wedding organizer

Template source: Envato Elements (you’ll need to install the Envato Plugin to access this template)
Ideal for: Individual wedding organizer/Marriage officiant
Price: Free

A chic and elegantly crafted WordPress theme, Wedding uses pastel colors, elegant typography, and plenty of white space to make it easier to focus on the information that’s shared. This theme allows you to choose from a wide range of layouts, and it works equally well for organizations and individuals who plan these events. What I particularly love about this theme is the dedicated page for photos. Both the layout and retina-ready photos create a fashionable clean look.

10. Wedding - Individual Wedding Organizer​

Wedding Templates - Make the Event Special

Behind every wedding there is a love story, and a wedding ceremony is meant to bring that love between two people to light. Websites about weddings should be created with love. Every detail in the site’s design should give visitors a sense of joy and happiness. All the templates in this article can help you do that — they will keep your hands out of the source code, and help you focus on what’s really important — the message you want to share with your visitors.

Do you have a WordPress wedding template we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments.