Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” Music is an essential part of our lives. It has the power to put you at ease and creates an enjoyable environment. Most of us have at least one song that, when we hear it, triggers an emotional response. Music is hardwired in our brains and, as a result, we have such a deep connection to it. 

When we’re thinking about music, most of us imagine a star on stage. But the music star is just the tip of the iceberg; the music industry encompasses a broad spectrum of artists, people who work in record labels, event organizers and promoters, and many others involved in this industry. 

No matter what you do in the music industry, you should always have a great online presence. Many musicians upload music to Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube or use Instagram and Facebook to share their work with other people, still, it’s essential to have a place where people can go to see this information in a structured way. A website can play the role of a central hub to provide important information.

Below you will find a collection of the best music-related website templates for building your music website. They are not only visually appealing but also optimized for speed and performance with tons of customization options.

1. Tunic: WordPress Template for DJs and Musicians

Template source: AnalogWP (You need to install and activate AnalogWP plugin for WordPress)
Ideal for: DJs
Price: Free

When someone visits your website, it only takes a few seconds for them to form a first impression. Many people will judge what you have to offer based on their appearance. If you’re a professional DJ and want to make a positive impression on new visitors, check out Tunic. Tunic is a solid one-pager for promoting your discography and social activities. This template provides everything visitors need to know about the musician such as new releases, photos from previous events, and information about upcoming shows.

The hero section features the DJ’s name with the font called Teko on top of a full-width video background. It creates a strong energetic mood right from the first start and almost screams “Party time!” to your visitors.

The theme has nice animated effects such as on-hover animation for call-to-action buttons and subtly animated preloader for SoundCloud widgets 

Djtunic 11 Music Website Templates Worth Singing About [Elementor Compatible] 1

2. Music Hall: For Sophisticated Musicians

Template source: Mojo Marketplace
Ideal for: music bands and music halls
Price: $59

Music Hall is a theme that has character. Nice parallax effects and attention-grabbing headings of sections created using the Monoton font to convey the feeling of fine craftsmanship. Music Hall offers a clutter-free layout — your audience’s attention will be focused on your content.

When it comes to functionality, Music Hall has everything you need to create a great web experience. It features retina-optimized images and has a built-in HTML5 audio player that plays self-hosted mp3 files. It also comes with shortcodes—a small set of often used things like buttons, dividers, etc.

Musichall 2 11 Music Website Templates Worth Singing About [Elementor Compatible] 2

3. Festival: Template for Music Events

Template source: Elementor Library
Ideal for: music festivals
Price: Free

When you create a website to share information about an upcoming festival, you strive to have an easy-to-scan layout. You want visitors to find what they seek quickly and easily. Festival is a simple one-page template for music festivals that follows a minimalist approach to design. 

The Festival template enables you to share essential information about the event without overwhelming your visitors. The template provides necessary information about the event along with a lineup and an online form that invites visitors to leave their emails to receive updates. The countdown timer in the hero section reminds the visitors how much time they have.

Festival 11 Music Website Templates Worth Singing About [Elementor Compatible] 3

4. Music Festival: Promote Your Event with a Template

Template source: Envato Elements (you need to install the Envato Plugin to access this template)
Ideal for: music festivals, music shows
Price: Free

Music Festival is a theme that enables you to take full control of your event promotion. There are several different pre-built layouts available for every critical part of the website — event program, details about the venue, galleries, etc.— so you can choose the ones that suit your needs.

When it comes to aesthetics, Music festival truly raises the bar. The theme has a modern futuristic look which is created using large background images, using the Sirin Stencil font for the heading and a blue color palette. Fully responsive and retina ready, it gives your audience an excellent viewing experience, no matter what device they’re using.

Musicfestival 11 Music Website Templates Worth Singing About [Elementor Compatible] 4

5. Indie Record Label: The Visual Side of Music

Template source: Envato Elements (you need to install the Envato Plugin to access this template)
Ideal for: record studios and record labels
Price: Free

Every record label wants to present its musicians in the best light. Not surprisingly, Indie Record Label puts so much focus on the visual aspect of the experience. Photos play a crucial role in this template, and they are in the spotlight. 

Various graphic effects, such as duotones and colored overlays, are used to create the right mood. This theme has one notable visual design decision that worth mentioning — red is used as an accent color for all important sections and interactive elements. Since the color is used consistently, users can rely on it to find relevant information.

Indie Record Label 11 Music Website Templates Worth Singing About [Elementor Compatible] 5

6. Music: The Music Template for Rockers

Template source: Mojo Marketplace
Ideal for: musicians, rock bands
Price: $59

Your website is home for your music, so it should suit the vibe. If you’re a rock band who wants to have a solid online presence, consider the Music theme. Its well-organized layout allows you to put a lot of information on individual pages without overwhelming your visitors and its nice rollover & scrolling animation effects make the design even more appealing.

Music is also fully compatible with WooCommerce, so you can sell albums, tickets, and apparel right from your site.

Music 11 Music Website Templates Worth Singing About [Elementor Compatible] 6

7. Musician: For the Solo Artist

Template source: Envato Elements (you need to install the Envato Plugin to access this template)
Ideal for: musicians, signers
Price: Free

A great artist has something that makes him unique — an authentic style. It’s great when their personal style is conveyed through web design. If you’d like a site that wows your fans as much as your music does, check out Musician.

Musician has a modern look and feel — delicate color overlays on top of the photos, interesting geometric shapes that divide different sections and powerful typography that create a sense of fine craftsmanship.

When it comes to presenting content to visitors, Musician has everything you need. Tour diary, upcoming shows, new releases — are just a few content containers that this theme offers.

Musician 11 Music Website Templates Worth Singing About [Elementor Compatible] 7

8. Alec: Classical Musicians Template

Template source: Elementor Resources
Ideal for: classical musicians
Price: $34

Storytelling is considered the most powerful way of communicating information. Our brains are wired for storytelling. An exciting story can engage us right from the start and make us scroll for more details. There’s no surprise why this technique is so popular among web designers.

Alec is a template that helps musicians share their stories with site visitors. The theme has a relatively simple layout. The home page is divided into a few sections, the first section which follows the hero block tells the story of the musician and shows a few photos from his performances, the discography and events sections follow. 

It’s an elegantly designed theme. Alec’s design makes excellent use of whitespace — there’s plenty of breathing room within the design for visitors browsing through. Playfair Display typeface, which is used for the heading in the hero section, creates a sense of sophistication.

Alec 11 Music Website Templates Worth Singing About [Elementor Compatible] 8

9. Muze: For Bands of All Shapes and Sizes

Template source: Elementor Resources
Ideal for: music bands and solo artists
Price: $34

Bold and loud, Muze attempts to engage visitors’ attention with bright colors and handwritten fonts. All the content in this template is distributed within containers located on top of a gradient page background. The template has a container which allows you to display upcoming events and showcase images from your photo gallery. It can be an excellent choice for musicians who want to stand out with style and class.

Muze 11 Music Website Templates Worth Singing About [Elementor Compatible] 9

10. Rhymes: Powerful Colors with Duotone Effects

Template source: Elementor Resources
Ideal for: music bands and solo artists
Price: $34

Do you want to wow your visitors? Check out Rhymes. This theme has everything you need to capture the visitor’s attention. The powerful red duotone effects and parallax backgrounds, which are used in many sections, will surely create a great first impression for your visitors. The fun vibes of this theme encourage visitors to check out other pages.

This template puts your music samples, photos, and videos in the best light. It has a dedicated section for your music playbacks and ready-to-use containers for photos from gigs. And if video plays an important part in your work, you will really appreciate the theme’s dedicated sections for displaying music videos. 

Rhymes 11 Music Website Templates Worth Singing About [Elementor Compatible] 10

11. Beatswave: Another DJ Template

Template source: Template Monster
Ideal for: DJs, nightclubs
Price: $72

If you’re a DJ or a promoter running club parties and you want to convey a nighttime mood in your web design, check out Beastwave. This theme is based on a dark and moody color scheme. It uses crisp fonts that make text readable even on mobile devices. The text, buttons, and accent elements complement each other, making this site a pleasure to navigate.

Beastwave is an excellent choice for showcasing audio samples and selling audio files to your visitors (the theme offers Woocommerce support).

Beatswave 11 Music Website Templates Worth Singing About [Elementor Compatible] 11