Here's a diverse collection of excellent website templates for restaurants, all compatible with Elementor. From fusion cuisine to fine dining, these templates sure are tasty!

George Bernard Shaw once said, “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” Many of us agree that eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures. People like to experiment with food and try new meals. But if you are not Gordon Ramsay and cannot cook something exquisite yourself, you can still sample various cuisines. All you need to do is find a restaurant that serves the right food. And often, the first step in this process is typing the name of a restaurant into a search engine.

With stiff competition in the restaurant business, it can be challenging to attract new patrons. Restaurants not only need to serve savory meals but also to make a great first impression even before customers visit your actual locale. One of the most efficient ways to drive more customers to your business is by creating an inviting and engaging restaurant website. Be sure to make it mobile-responsive, as many potential consumers will check out your site on their mobile device.

Creating a well-designed website sounds like a tough task. Fortunately, with tools like Elementor, you do not need to hire someone to build a site for your food business. What you will quickly discover is how simple it is to set up your own website. But even with the right toolset at your fingertips, you might find visual design daunting. Have no fear. Below is an excellent collection of templates that can be used for diverse types of restaurants — from fusion cuisine to Fine Dining.

1. Restaurant: Template for Cafes

Template source: Elementor Library
Ideal for: Cafes and Bakeries
Price: Free

Restaurant is an easy and clean one-page template perfect for small restaurants and cafes. The division of the page into a few key sections presents a clear layout of their offerings and location. Its simple visual hierarchy looks good across the board on all devices. Last but not least, the Shadows Into Light font, used for testimonials, gives it a personal touch with its sense of handwritten messages. 


2. Pizza: Template for Pizzerias

Template source: Elementor Resources
Ideal for: Pizzerias and Italian restaurants
Price: $39

Who doesn’t love pizza? A tasty pizza is something that unites and puts us in a good mood.

The Pizza theme uses a lot of sunny yellow to create warmth and a truly inviting atmosphere. Good visual design goes hand in hand with excellent usability. Sticky navigation, well-sized body text, and high-res photos — all work together to create an outstanding web experience.


3. Mexican Restaurant Template

Template source: Envato Elements
Ideal for: Tex-Mex restaurants and traditional Mexican cuisine
Price: Free

Mexican culture is bursting with vibrant color. Green, white, and red are three colors that you find both on the Mexican flag and in Mexican cuisine. Bold and lively colors create the foundation for the Mexican Restaurant theme.

The theme uses a few interesting design decisions — first, the use of red. Red chili peppers are a staple of Mexican food, and you can see it in the logo. Second, the theme uses traditional Mexican patterns as visual dividers between sections. Finally, large colorful background photos show off a restaurant interior, giving the impression of a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

In terms of content, the theme provides everything the visitor needs to know — the menu, opening hours, delivery options, the cooking process, as well as its location.

3-Mexican Restaurant

4. American Diner Restaurant

Template source: Envato Elements
Ideal for: Burger restaurants and American Cuisine restaurants
Price: Free

Burgers are a hallmark of American culture. A ground beef patty in a bun, known as the hamburger was first created in America in 1900 by Louis Lassen, a Danish immigrant. Today it’s hard to imagine a Fourth of July without a cookout full of burgers. Not surprisingly, if you want to taste a real burger, head over to an American cafe or restaurant.

One interesting design choice in this theme is the use of the color red. It is used throughout the design, such as in the Call to Action buttons and in the visual dividers. Red is a very intense color that has a substantial impact on your metabolism. It raises your blood pressure and increases your appetite.

The Yanone Kaffeesatz font, which is used for headings is another smart design decision. This font is readily recognizable to anyone who has been to restaurants with American cuisine. Many American places use similar fonts in their menus.

4-American Diner Restaurant

5. Vegan Restaurant

Template source: Envato Elements (Premium template kit)
Ideal for: Vegan cafes and restaurants
Price: $16.50

Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products. If you like food based on nuts, legumes, seaweed or flax, you should definitely check out a vegan restaurant. 

Vegan template uses a neutral color scheme and light fonts. Green is the dominant color in this template — primary Call to Action buttons, icons, and even backgrounds are all green. When site visitors see a lot of green, they get the sense that the place serves healthy food, as green is often associated with health.

5 Vegan Restaurant 11 Delicious Restaurant Website Templates That Will Build Your Appetite 1

6. La Resto: For European Dining

Template source: Template Monster
Ideal for: Restaurants that serve European cuisine
Price: $7

La Resto is a single landing page for restaurants that serve European cuisine. The very first thing that stands out is this template’s elegant typography. The use of Cormorant Garamond for the body text creates a sense of fine craftsmanship. It makes you feel like you’re entering the world of haute cuisine, dining at a Michelin Restaurant, indulging in delectable dishes concocted by a top chef. 

6-La Resto

7. Sushi Restaurant

Template source: Envato Elements
Ideal for: Sushi restaurants and Japanese cuisine
Price: Free

Did you know that the word ‘Kawaii’ means ‘cuteness’ in Japanese? And ‘cuteness’ is what comes to mind when viewing this refreshing theme with its cheerful color scheme and splash of red. Japan is known as the land of the rising sun, and the red circle is the central element of the Japanese flag.

The template contains 18 different pages including a dedicated page for the menu, reservations, and traditional cooking techniques. Headings created using the Merienda One font give it a Japanese aesthetic. The theme also features beautiful zoom-in effects that place your dishes at the front and center.

7-Sushi Restaurant

8. Deeplight Restaurant

Template source: Elementor Resources
Ideal for: Upscale restaurants 
Price: Free

Deeplight Restaurant is the perfect theme for upscale restaurants. It is an easy-to-use template with a minimalistic design that is powerfully intriguing to customers.

What I particularly like about this template are the background illustrations used in various sections. This theme creates a truly unique visual experience by combining a real photo of a meal with a background illustration of a fork and spoon.

Using color as navigation is another compelling design decision. As soon as you land on the website, you notice a bright red pepper, and as you start scrolling, the red color follows you. This template especially makes good use of the parallax effect to captivate site visitors.

8-Deeplight Restaurant

9. BBQ Restaurant: Template for Meat Restaurants

Template source: Elementor Resources
Ideal for: BBQ restaurants, meat restaurants
Price: Free

Good meat restaurants are places where meat lovers gather to enjoy sizzling steaks and the like. Here, both the quality of the food and the cooking process are vital. That’s why many restaurants that specialize in meat not only provide a menu but also share the details of their cooking process.

BBQ Restaurant provides you an excellent opportunity to display the exact type of cooking process used. The banner lets you add a video as the background, with CTA buttons enabling visitors to book a table in just a few clicks. And on the menu page, you may opt to add a retina-ready photo for each item on your menu.

9-Bbq Restaurant

10. Restaurant: A General Template for Restaurants

Template source: Mojo Marketplace
Ideal for: Cafes and Restaurants
Price: $59

Restaurant has an elegant design and can be an excellent choice for restaurants and cafes. The hero section features a full-width slideshow, and as soon as you start scrolling, you will enjoy beautiful parallax effects. This theme comes with a variety of page templates such as a portfolio page, which can be used to display dishes. The theme is also compatible with WooCommerce and Gravity Forms.


11. RedDragon: Template for Asian Cuisine

Template source: Template Monster
Ideal for: Asian restaurants
Price: $7

RedDragon is a single page template for Asian restaurants. The layout is relatively plain but contains everything you need to know — the menu, business hours, and contact information. As the name suggests, the striking red color in this theme is used both on the macro- and micro- levels.



When people visit a new restaurant, many want to have a gastronomic adventure. We all love to chat about food and recall the places where we had a memorable encounter. Similar to superb dining experiences, it’s essential to deliver outstanding web experiences. When users have all the crucial information about your restaurant at a glance, this increases the chances of them one day frequenting your establishment.