Home plays a crucial role in people’s lives. We spend a significant part of our lives indoors, and the place where we live has a substantial impact on our mood and emotions. 

That’s why people invest so much time and energy in the process of finding a proper home. They consider a lot of different factors such as location, social environment, etc. Finding a house can be a long and intensive process, and it usually starts online. People browse tons of options, intending to find a dream house.

Real estate agents have the power to change people’s lives by helping them to find what they want. Every real estate agency should have a strong online presence — the website should enhance a business’s image and provide all the essential information in an easy-to-consume manner. In this article, I would like to share 12 excellent templates designed specifically for real estate professionals that will help you build a real estate website that will amaze your prospects.

1. Real Estate Agency

Template source: Elementor Library
Ideal for: Single Property Listing
Price: Free

Real Estate Agency is a one-page template ideal for advertising individual properties. This lightweight and beautifully designed landing page features essential information about the property, including location, high-resolution photos, price, and an embedded video for showing the exterior and interior. All information is distributed into clearly-defined sections, which gradually appears on the visitor’s screen as they scroll the page.

What I particularly like about this template are the rippled waves that separate individual sections. They create visual interest and make this design stand out from the crowd.

Real Estate Agency Elementor

2. Real Estate

Template source: Elementor Library
Ideal for: Advertising Property
Price: Free

Real Estate is a nice and elegant template, custom-build for showcasing real estate properties in a neat and stylish way. The theme’s designers have considered all possible questions that potential owners might ask and incorporated topics such as information about the community, neighborhood, shopping centers, kids’ education, gyms, into the theme. Each topic is presented as a card with subtle on-hover animated effects. When visitors hover over the card, it rotates and shows additional details.

It’s worth mentioning the beautiful blue-and-green color scheme that makes the layout fresh and clean. The colors follow visitors as they scan the page, creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

Real Estate Elementor

3. Graha Real Estate

Template source: Mojo Marketplace
Ideal for: Real Estate Agencies
Price: $49

Graha is an all-in-one solution for real estate agencies. It allows you to build a user-friendly website that features all your currently available properties. This theme has a dynamic map (Google Map based property listings), and a filtering system that allows visitors to set clear criteria for properties they want to see. 

The theme is compatible with the dsIDX plugin meaning you can display IDX MLS listings in this theme. The theme comes with a property details page, blog, and contact page, as well as two search boxes with vertical and horizontal layouts.

Graha Real Estate

4. Agenta

Template source: Mojo Marketplace
Ideal for: Real Estate Agencies
Price: $49

Agenta is a powerful multi-property real estate listings website theme. The theme comes with a lot of ready-to-use pages such as pages for different properties, blog, contacts and more. The dsIDXpress WordPress plugin is supported and allows multiple users/agents to login and manage their own properties.

What I like about this theme is its strong focus on creating good usability for the site’s visitors. The sticky menu keeps top-level navigation options visible all of the time, no matter how deep the user scrolled down. The search and filter forms allow visitors to specify a precise query and find all relevant objects in a moment. The theme supports Spanish, French, German, Italian and Turkish languages, which makes the design accessible for international buyers.

Agenta Real Estate

5. Appartamo

Template source: Template Monster
Ideal for: Real Estate Agencies
Price: $7

Appartamo is a single landing page template ideal for advertising a property. The landing page design provides all critical information about the property right from the start —location, size of the apartments, floor, number of bedrooms — all visible in the top area of the page. As visitors start to scroll, they see a beautiful gallery and embedded video that give them a better idea of what to expect. Last but not least, visitors see the real estate agent’s contacts and can arrange a showing in one click. 


6. Realcity

Template source: Template Monster
Ideal for: Real Estate Agencies Specializing in the Country Estate
Price: $7

Realcity is a modern and fresh theme that can be an ideal choice for country estate agencies. The clean layout doesn’t overwhelm visitors with too many details — it features only essential information about the property, such as a number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the size of the home in square feet.

This template incorporates two interesting visual design decisions — large high-resolution images and a neutral green color for key text and interactive elements. Large images create a truly immersive experience for visitors — they feel as though they are seeing the place with their own eyes. While the green color creates a connection between nature and humans, which is extremely important for a country estate.

Realcity Template

7. Real Estate Agent

Template source: Envato Elements
Ideal for: Independent Real Estate Agents and Agencies
Price: Free

Real Estate Agent is a well-organized theme pack that includes 11 pages. The primary goal of this theme is to provide all the required information in an easy-to-digest manner. The theme’s designers try to achieve this goal by using cards on the page with property listings. Cards are digestible containers of information that simplify the process of page scanning. 

The template doesn’t try to impress visitors with fancy effects. Still, it uses a few interesting visual design decisions. The page design features subtle purple color overlays on top of high-res images, which introduces visual interest. It also uses an unexpected color for the primary elements — a pink shade that is used for call-to-action buttons immediately capture the visitor’s attention.

Real Estate Agent Template

8. Real Estate

Template source: Elementor Resources
Ideal for: Individual Estate Objects
Price: Free

Real Estate is an ideal theme for promoting and showcasing your homes. The theme comes with a pre-built slider in the top area of the page that showcases all of the new properties. Right after the slider, visitors see a countdown timer, which can be very useful for running timely marketing campaigns (i.e., flash sales). The actual real estate properties are showcased in a zigzag scan layout — the theme pairs visuals with a text description, making it easier to consume the content.

Real Estate Template

9. BuildWall

Template source: Template Monster
Ideal for: Construction Companies
Price: $69

Some people don’t want to buy existing houses; they want to build their own houses. They search for construction companies that can make their dream come true. BuildWall can be an excellent choice for construction companies. The theme is very pleasing to the eye — the beautiful typography, large HD photos, and clear visual hierarchy work together to create a very comfortable browsing experience.

The template features a few interesting animated effects. On-hover animated effects for the top slider and the images introduce dynamism in the process of interactions.

Buildwall Template

10. Conforro

Template source: Template Monster
Ideal for: Luxury Real Estate
Price: $75

Conforro is an elegant theme for advertising premium and luxury real estate properties. The theme follows a minimalist approach — it provides only essential information about a property and uses a lot of whitespaces to put more visual weight on individual sections. The theme nicely pairs the Playfair Display font with a neutral orange (#c5a37d) and creates a genuine sense of luxury.

Conforro Template

11. House

Template source: Template Monster
Ideal for: Construction companies
Price: $75

House is ideal for construction companies that want to create an eye-catching website. The theme features a lot of subtle visual effects, such as animated text sections, on-scroll sliding, and animated counters. All of the effects work together to create a pleasant first-time experience. The Red Hat Display font, which is used for section headers scales well and makes the site look equally good on any screen size and resolution.

House Template

12. Home Construction

Template source: Envato Elements
Ideal for: Construction Companies
Price: Free

Home Construction is a template kit that has 21 pages in it. The theme gives you the freedom to choose from a few different versions of the home page, service, and portfolio. It also has dedicated pages for pricing and requesting quotes. 

What I particularly like about this theme is the way designers play with images and fonts. Beautiful text overlays large high-resolution images creating a strong impression of a glossy magazine rather than a website for a construction company.

Home Construction Template


Building a website is just like building a house — you need to have a solid foundation for your design; otherwise, your construction will collapse. But even when you have a solid foundation, you need to create the right interior and exterior design. Elementor will help you create a solid foundation for your website, and with the templates featured in this article, you will have more than enough options to build a nice-looking yet really valuable website for your clients.