Halloween Gift Pack: Free Icons, Templates, Backgrounds & Masks

Grab our FREE Halloween web design gift pack that will get you screaming from excitement. The pack includes 50+ Halloween icons, backgrounds, masks and templates.

Following yesterday’s mischievous tutorial, we are giving you all the treats you need to recreate the spook-tacular scenes you’ve seen on the video. 

This Halloween web design pack includes 49 fear-inspiring icons, 3 hand drawn background silhouettes and 2 crazy pumpkin masks, and it’s all for free. If you are a Pro user, you have it made! All the Halloween scene templates are waiting for you in the Template Library, so you can use insert them anywhere with a click.

Halloween Icon Kit

The Halloween icon set contains 49 unique icons and comes in two styles – line and solid.  available in four different formats (.EPS, .PNG, .SVG). You can use them for FREE on your websites and on your clients’ websites. For more icons of this style refer to Icon54.



Halloween Backgrounds

Download these chilling silhouette backgrounds and use them as overlays that reside on top of your backgrounds. They also work great as backgrounds  by themselves. We recommend combining them with gradient or video background, for that extra-eerie style.

Halloween Masks

Here are two masks that can create the blazing mask effect you see below. To get this effect, set the top image as a video background, and set the mask as an overlay. As you can see in the 404 page example, the result of using this effect is quite thrilling and impactful.

Halloween 404 Page Example

Halloween Template Kit

Pro users can get the complete Halloween templates from our Halloween tutorial post: The Haunted Homepage Hero Header, The Killer Feature Services Section, The Bloody Dreadful CTA Section, The Starving Zombie Menu Page, The Contact The Dead Form, The Price Slasher Pricing Page and the Straight from Hell 404 Page.

We hope you enjoy this free Halloween web design pack, and use it to create awesome & gruesome looking websites. You are also welcomed to buy or upgrade your Elementor Pro, now with our limited time special sale of 20% off.

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14 Responses

  1. These are really fun! I’m a big fan of the roll of toilet paper 😉

    It does lead me to ask about adding our icons? Is that possible? Also, can we remove icons that we won’t use to speed load time?


  2. How can we add icons to our elementro installation?

    We have to do by FTP or is there an option to import ?

    If it’s to do with FTP what is the corect position to import icons? ( i’ve surfed on structure but, at a first look,i’ve not found a location )

    Thank You

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