As we wrap up 2020, we realize how unique and challenging the past few months have been. 2020 certainly created circumstances where web creators needed to think out of the box and be creative in their mindsets when adapting their websites to the unique situation of a worldwide pandemic. 

Hoping to feel the winds of change as the new year comes in, we are shining this month’s showcase spotlight on web creators that have transformed their own or their clients’ websites with Elementor. 

But this isn’t just any ordinary showcase, which usually selects each month’s top 10 Elementor-built websites and shares them with the community. For our End-of-Year Showcase of 2020, we are calling upon web creators from near and far who have used Elementor to transform an older version of their website — giving their new site a revised look, feel and even functionality. Ultimately, we seek to shine our showcase spotlight on five truly amazing website redesign examples.

It’s Time To Brag

By featuring your website in this one-of-a-kind showcase, you will be giving the Elementor community (and the world at large) a chance to see your web creation capabilities. 

This is a moment of web transformation truth, embracing the power of “before and after” — where you can prove how you’ve utilized the power of Elementor to actualize your creativity and versatile skills needed to revamp a website. 

Show us an older version of your website so that we can see what it looked like previously, and then dazzle us and the Elementor community with how you used our website builder to create an even better site.

What Will the Winners Get?

We’re here to make sure the five winners of this showcase get all the attention they deserve!

If you want to be featured in our End-of-Year Showcase, get an extra 12 months on your Elementor Pro license, get featured on our social media platforms, and receive a fun, exclusive Elementor swag box — go ahead and submit your transformed website!

We’re Ready and Waiting

We’re eager to see the most distinguished website makeovers done by our Elementor community at large, and are excited to see what users will submit in the coming weeks.