End-of-Year Showcase

For our 2020 End-of-Year Showcase, we’re calling upon web creators in our community who have transformed their websites with Elementor. This means submitting both the previous and new versions of your site, so that we can see how you used Elementor to redesign it — reinventing it from top to bottom.

The submission will be open until December 23rd, 2020, 11:59 PM EST. We’re eager to see how each community member has transformed the site they designed into a new Elementor masterpiece, and we will then evaluate every submission, and select the top five most remarkable sites that each underwent a full-blown Elementor makeover and has become an enhanced, award-winning website.

Submission time is over

We’ll announce the showcase winners in early January 2021.

By submitting this form you authorize us to use the information you have attached (including photos) on Elementor’s website and social media channels and according to our Content Submission Policy


We’re here to make sure the five winners of this showcase get all the attention they deserve!

  • The winners will be featured in our blog at the end of the year, along with their bio and short interview
  • You’ll get featured on our social media platforms
  • You’ll also receive an exclusive package of the latest Elementor swag
  • We will also extend the winners’ license for an extra year so that they can be rest assured we’ve got their backs

Our panel of web designers and Elementor experts will evaluate every submission and select the top five of the most remarkable sites, judging elements such as (but not limited to) design, innovative use of Elementor, overall difference of the before and after sites.