Automattic Raises $300 Million From Salesforce

Tag: #WordPress
Time: 2-3 min

Get your latest WordPress news here! Automattic, the company behind WordPress, raises $300 million from Salesforce and is now valued at $3 billion. What does it mean exactly? Well, we don’t know yet, but it gives Automattic a lot of freedom and opportunity and we are curious to see what the future holds.

Automattic Raises $300 Million From Salesforce

Microsoft’s New Font Is Designed for Developers

Tag: #Development
Time: 2 min

Microsoft has developed and released a new font — Cascadia. It is designed for developers and makes code more readable.

Fun fact, (well, not so much fun, but a fact): Cascadia gets its name from the codename for Windows Terminal, prior to its release.

Microsoft Cascadia Font

How to Leverage User Emotions in Form Design

Tag: #Design
Time: 6 min

Emotions and forms are two words that I never thought I’d use in a sentence. It’s a weird association. Filling forms seems so mechanical, so emotionless.

But, can positive emotions help and influence the process of filling forms? It seems that they can since they create a state of flow which makes it easier to complete forms.

Discover how emotions affect form filling and how you should use this information to design your forms.

How To Leverage User Emotions In Form Design

Audio Branding: How Sound Can Support Your Brand

Tag: #Marketing
Time: 8 min

I have this Nvidia welcome sound stuck in my head (alongside some other voices) despite not having heard it in ages and it’s a testament to their audio branding. 

Audio branding is often neglected, but it is a necessary aspect of any branding campaign. Take a look at this interesting explanation of audio branding and the accompanying guide to developing one.

Audio Branding How Sound Can Support Your Brand

The Ultimate List of Best Free Elementor Learning Resources

Tag: #Elementor
Time: 5-7 min

Ah, Elementor, isn’t it nice and simple to use? Well, it can get even easier with these amazing, free, Elementor learning resources. 

From plugins to blogs and youtube videos, be sure to use these resources and get the most out of Elementor.

The Ultimate List Of Best Free Elementor Learning Resources

20 Years of InDesign

Tag: #Design
Time: 2-3 min

Happy, although a little belated, 20th birthday to Adobe InDesign! In honor of this occasion, InDesign developed five different artworks to commemorate the anniversary and it takes a closer look at all the changes that had happened during this time. 

The artworks, some of which are Picasso-esque, are absolutely stunning.

20 Years Of Indesign

Build a Strong Brand With a Measurement-First Approach

Tag: #Marketing
Time: 3-4 min

Facebook is a known brand. It has a sketchy reputation, but you definitely know ‘em. 

So, when we heard that Facebook published a new guide to effective brand building, we had to share the news with you. 

Learn how to establish your brand and stand out from the crowd with this guide.

Build A Strong Brand With A Measurement-First Approach

13 Creative Free iPhone Apps for Designers

Tag: #Design
Time: 5-6 min

Some people still use the iPhone, it seems. I am more of an Android person myself. But for those who do use the iPhone, here are 13 creative free apps for designers. 

These include apps for 3D, illustration, graphic design, animation, and photography — everything a growing designer needs.

13 Creative Free Iphone Apps For Designers

How to Create an XML Sitemap

Tag: #SEO
Time: 5 min

Maps are useful. They can help you reach your destination, or at the very least, make you look like you know where you’re going. 

Sitemaps are similar. They help Google find all the pages on your website. It’s a simple XML file that should contain all the pages that you want to show up in search engines. 

Learn how to create one and how to submit it to Google.

How To Create An Xml Sitemap