Worth Your Click: Microcopy Crash Course, Surprising Design Sources & More

This week we bring you amazing insights on how to write copy for social media, which social media platforms to ditch, SEO strategies, and more.

How to Craft the Perfect Social Media Captions

Website: Buffer.com
Why click: Learn how to craft magnetic copy for social media captions.
Tag: #Marketing
Time: 5-7 min

Copywriting is one of the essential skills for marketers as every word counts. Read this article for tips on how to compose perfect words and phrases in your captions and tweets; learn the basics of length and character limits.

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What If You and Your Brand Could Break up With Social Media?

Website: Contentmarketinginstitute.com
Why click: Understand how to choose the right social media platform for your business.
Tag: #Marketing
Time: 4-5 min

People are becoming more and more interested in leaving certain social media platforms, and this decision affects brands. Read this article to learn more about which platforms no longer contribute to relationships, which platforms brands are sticking with, which platforms people wish they could leave the most and more. Brands should not eliminate social media marketing altogether, only redefine which platform audiences use the most. 

Focus on social media platforms that matter

Zero BS CRM Has Joined Automattic, the Company Behind WordPress.com

Website: Zerobscrm.com
Why click: Automattic, the company behind wordpress.com, has made two more acquisitions
Tag: #WordPress
Time: 3 min

Automattic is at it again. It recently acquired Tumblr, and now has acquired Zero BS CRM. This means that Zero BS CRM will be getting better through integrations with WordPress and able to provide faster support. Zero BS CRM is a simple-to-use, powerful CRM solution with extensions that work with WooCommerce. It’s important to note that for paying customers, there will be no changes, and version 3.0 will be released as planned. 

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Easy SEO Toolkit — Elementor

Website: wordpress.org
Why click: Check out this new SEO plugin for Elementor.
Tag: #SEO 
Time: 1 min

A new SEO plugin has emerged, and it works especially well with Elementor. It allows you to add keywords, meta titles, and meta description all from the “page setting” section. 

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The 7 Success Mantras to Becoming a Great Designer

Website: medium.muz.li
Why click: Become a better designer with these mantras. 
Tag: #Design
Time: 5-6 min

Take a look at these mantras to help you become a better designer. Familiarize yourself with the concept of “understanding over memorization,” develop an “eye for observation” and more. 

Start working on your inner designer

SEO Strategies for Different Business Models

Website: Drift.com
Why click: SEO strategies should differ, depending on the business model, and you need to understand how. 
Tag: #SEO
Time: 4-5 min

SEO is a tricky science. A while ago, having backlinks was enough; now, we put emphasis on content. But, that, too, is not always a good idea. Not all businesses are similar, and when working on your SEO, it’s a mistake to treat all sites in the same manner. Now, with Google’s strong focus on user-intent, SEO requires a custom approach, more so than ever. 

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7 Surprising Sources of Design Inspiration

Website: Invisionapp.com
Why click: Find inspiration in these unexpected sources.
Tag: #Design
Time: 6 min

Inspiration comes from the most unlikely places and can stimulate you to brainstorm novel and creative ideas for your projects. You can benefit from a variety of forms of inspiration, both online and offline. Discover more surprising sources for design inspiration, like travel, taking walks, and more. 

Explore inspiration sources

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