Elementor Pro, the #1 Designer Oriented Page Builder, is Finally Here!

Elementor Pro

It’s finally available. The most powerful, live page builder, built for the web-designer. Elementor Pro is here, and it’s time to take it for a spin and see just what it has to offer.

It’s been a bit over six months since we launched the free Elementor page builder, and as they say, we’ve come a long way. We started with a lean, free page builder. Now, after months of hard work, we are proud to have reached a much more mature, premium page builder, jam packed with amazing features and capabilities.

With Elementor Pro, you have much more control over your entire website design and functionality, and this control is expected to grow significantly in the next months.

Special Thanks

The last two weeks, since the start of the pre-order, have been truly inspiring for us. The Elementor community has demonstrated its loyalty and support, in a way we could not have expected.

For the two weeks of our pre-order period, orders surpassed our most optimistic expectations.

When we planned how we were going to do the pre-order sale, we decided to do it in a rather different way. No gimmicks, no buzzwords, no fireworks. Simply show various features of the product, honestly and directly. The fact that this strategy still managed to gain so much support and pre-orders proves to us that this direct approach is appreciated by our community, and we will continue to do the same in the future.

The entire team of Elementor thanks you all for giving us the support needed to lead the future of WordPress design with the best possible page builder solution.


Clear Your Schedule & Watch Pro Tutorials

We want to give the best head start for everyone who bought Elementor Pro, and is going to use it for the first time. This is why we have published 11 comprehensive video & text tutorials in the widgets and features documentation. These tutorials cover every possible Pro feature we’ve added thoroughly.

Watching all videos in one binge could be a bit overwhelming, so we recommend either watching at X1.5 speed, or skipping to the parts you are planning to use, and saving the rest for a later time.

As we already stated, we are working hard on improving the existing features, while adding new ones to the mix. We have a long list of features that we plan to add, and we will keep you informed with each feature we add.

Elementor Pro

What to Expect From Elementor Pro

The long awaited API is starting to take shape. We have recently published an example Elementor addon plugin you can use to recreate your own extensions. We plan to publish full detailed documentation guiding developers on how to extend Elementor.

In the next few weeks you can expect new features to be added, including the Pricing Table widget,  the WC components and the Flip Box widget. Some of the features were planned for the Pro launch, but stayed in the ‘developer shed’ for a few more tweaks, to make sure they maintain the same high standard of other Elementor features.

We have also started working on a lightbox and popup solution, and this will be a great addition to Elementor Pro.

We have already sent the download details to all the users that signed up for the pre-order. Head over to your account and download Elementor Pro.

Until now, it was just the intro. With Elementor Pro released, the REAL game has just begun. Now, more than ever, we are dedicated to deliver the best experience possible to all our Pro users. Liked Elementor? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

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Ben Pines
Ben Pines
Elementor evangelist & head of content. Follow me on Twitter

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69 Responses

  1. Looking forward to taking it for a spin. Love the new form and slider options so far (from what I have seen of the demo videos).

  2. Hi & congratulation for a such very very lovey plugin, It’s first ever WordPress plugin I have bought and enjoying it.

    Thank you for creating this great plugin.

  3. Absolutely fantastic. Thanks so much Elementor. Are we going to see any improvements to the Woo feature to edit the components of product archive and single product pages?

        1. I mean to be able to style the content.php using elementor, if it makes any sense. Curently the way blog page (post listing) is displayed as the templates want’s it to. It would be nice to design how I want to do that list like a content post and post single template or custom post type(like woocomerce products). You would say to create a page and add the Posts and Portfolio widgets but if you have Taxonomies, Terms or other dynamic filters doesn’t work that well. Anyway Posts and Portofolio are cool little widgets (with limited customizing features) that you can quickly add some posts in a page.But imagine if you can make an entire template in Elementor(not only a page), save it and share it would be awesome.

          I can write pages… with suggestions please reply a email where we can send them.

          Curently I’m working on a Elementor theme (hopefully I don’t get stuck) that uses the Elementor elements and CSS, so I don’t need use another template that loads css and js I don’t use.

          1. I was just thinking yesterday night… how about taking the widget example elementor posted and creating a widget that allows you to choose a elementor template and specify a (pods.io selector) and rendering it as a pods template. Hence replacing all the vars (curly brackets) with actual data. That would be so powerful!
            You would get a entity relational model type of backend (meta and custom tables) with a frontend gui editor with one little elementor widget using the open source pods plugin!

            If you don’t understands what this is about then check pods.io (open source).

            This would make Post index and detail so powerful. Anyone with me on this one?

  4. Downloaded about one hour ago. First mistake, I thought that the original plugin could be deactivated but it shouldn’t be – Pro extends it. Have already uninstalled a couple of other plugins which are now redundant. Great work. Can’t wait for the ‘Flip Book’ and table widgets.

  5. Excited to implement the Pro features into the site overhaul that I am getting ready to publish. For reference, I had already redesigned this site using Divi, but checked its speed and found that it was too slow. Its style code was way too heavy.

    I threw away the Divi version and completely rebuilt the site using GeneratePress Pro theme with Elementor… also now Pro. The easy editing provides unencumbered creativity, but page speed is absolutely a prerequisite, especially since Google’s new algorithm gives a ranking boost to sites that load in less than 3 seconds. I need to be able to keep the code lean, minified, and running on a CDN. Looking forward to entering the new design playground now. Thank you team Elementor!

  6. I am really enjoying Pro!! So easy to use and really fast and I like that it works really well with GeneratePress Pro. Any plans to make the Form element link to things like MailerLite, Mailchimp, Zapier and even hook into existing forms like WPForms, that would really be awesome and is totally needed!

    Looking forward to what other templates and elements you guys launch and also for the API and the updates to WooCommerce handling.

  7. Congrats! Installed it already and am looking forward to test it in the holidays.

    Still looking for a fast customizable and versatile base template.

    What about Genesis Framework. Is it compatible … any know issues?

    I’d love to see a similiar idea and pricing (like Genesis Pro) in the future of elementor. Onetime higher payment and lifetime updates so customers I used it for stay save and independent.

  8. Hello,

    All first, thanks for your plugin, it is really great

    I want to integrate it in a local server (without Internet) for a client, so i have somes questions

    I would like to know if the plugin works without internet connection?

    Do you plan a whitelabel version (like an other page builder ) I want custom instance and words on admin area and design UI ?


  9. Congratulations. I’m enjoying Elementor Pro. Thank you. Still hope to eventually see the Forms widget integrated with Email Octopus.

    You did a great job designing the Elementor UI in such a way that you can keep Elementor Forms simple and still allow for advanced features like conditional logic as well. If people want to explore features under the advanced tab they can, but don’t have to for simple Form submission functions etc….

    I can envision the future development of Elementor Forms being both simple and advanced at the same time.

    1. I have personally answered your question. Did you get it? Here is the answer:
      Hi Mansour,
      First of all, Elementor Pro is an extension of Elementor, so you have to have both plugins activated for it to work.
      You can activate and deactivate the plugins however times you’d like.

        1. Maybe even link the Elementor Pro account to the discuss Account with an User Badge. This way all people can discuss (free,pro) but also see who is a Pro-User etc.

      1. Sorry I didn’t get reply and it’s not in spam folder .

        All I got , it was auto machine reply :

        This is an automatic email bla bla….

  10. Ben

    Did you sen to Email I purchased Elementor or the email is attached to the WordPress site?

    The email attached to WordPress doesn’t exist yet, hopefully you sent to the Email I purchased the Elementor.

  11. hy, thank you for the sample addon. i am currently building a widget, that displays some dynamic content in a slideshow. it would be good to know, if the api will provide a possibility to use existing widgets like slideshow and pass custom content to it.
    i would like to see it in such a way, so that it would not be necessary to have a second slideshow functionality in one site…
    pro – of course 😉

    thanks for your great work!

  12. Ben, Just an fyi. I sent a ticket into support 2days ago.nothing yet. btw are you planing on getting a real ticket support system.

  13. Bonjour / Hello

    Le widget “slides pro” ne fonctionnent pas une fois que l’on souhaite voir la page sur Internet ! / The “slides pro” widget doesn’t work once you want to see the page on the Internet!

    Je suis désolé mais c’est vrai. / I’m Sorry but it’s true.

    Pouvez-vous corriger le problème s’il vous plaît ? / Can you correct the problem please?

    Merci. / Thanks.


  14. Elementor is fabulous, amazing! Thanks for your efforts!

    I’m already working with it for the relaunch of my video site.

    There are two things I am missing. The first one is a must for me.

    1) Possibilty for a Vimeo link as video background. Perhaps there is a workaround with i-frame but I haven’t figured it out yet.

    2) Possibility to customize both posts and portfolio elements (border, background of the posts themselves etc.) I suppose you might be working on that and I suppose I can do it myself with css. But I haven’t figured out how and where.

    By the way, I also couldn’t find where I can submit support tickets.

    Merry Xmas!

    And all the best!


    1. Hi Nedim,
      First of all, it’s great getting feedback like this!
      1. Currently it only supports YouTube. We might add this in the future.
      2. Do you mean single posts? Elementor works on every post type and you can definitely customize them.
      Support tickets can be submitted at [email protected]
      Happy holidays!

  15. Thanks for your reply Ben.

    No I actually meant the “pro” elements you drop in from the left side. Let’s say you get four posts with your query. I woud have loved to be able to put borders, backgrounds etc. around them. Have a look at the blog on typecast.com. (Must sign up to see it) Of course there”s a workaround with Elementor: forget the categories and query. Do the portfolio page manually!

    Working with X-Theme and Elementor together, at some stage I realised that I don”t use anything from the theme apart from the footer and an add-on plugin (Superflyout menu). I might change my mind, use an extreme lightweight theme and find another solution for the flyout menu. Which would mean 30 odd pages with over 60 films and 5 different designs made completely with Elementor!

    Any suggestions for a fast theme (I just need the framework) are very welcome. I hope to relaunch the site mid-January.


  16. I meant five different page layouts in the post above. And forgot to mention that the site is in three languages. Elementor works flawlessly with WPML.
    I will bother you with support tickets after the holidays 🙂
    Once again: congratulations!


  17. Is there a way or widget to add click to call button on the mobile version of a site? I’m using generate press pro as the theme and pro version of elementor. It’s for a pizza delivery mobile page.

  18. hi ben just a question, when using elementor which browser do you recommend ive seen some of the rendering on internet explorer is not the same as firefox and the styles are not read correctly many thanks

  19. @andreskivby what about extending the section class and overwriting the handlers (or/and calling the super) … use the widget example they released and look at the sourcecode of the section widget to find the class name to extend and also look for the methods to overwrite. Only down or upside… depends… is you will creates a unique section widget.

  20. Incredibly versatile plugin – I would go as far as to say it’s hands-down the best WordPress plugin I have ever used! A massive well done and thank you for every second of the hard work this has clearly involved!!

  21. Hi Ben,

    This is a really amazing Plugin and one i’m soon looking to purchase, however one of the key concerns for me is that it lacks lead generation forms, e.g. in thrive and beaver you can use the API of your autoresponder to create forms for getting leads but i see that missing here, do you have any plans for releasing that soon, not just for the top ones like mailchimp but also for one’s like covertkit and mailerlite.

    Thank You

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