Elementor’s CEO Talks Fundraising: Why, And What’s Next

Learn more about Elementor’s $15M institutional funding round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, and what it means for the website building industry and Elementor’s community.

Elementor funding announcement

I’m thrilled to announce that Elementor has closed a $15M round of funding from Lightspeed Venture Partners, one of the leading venture capital firms in the world (as published on TechCrunch). This is a special day for Elementor, our community and myself personally. Lightspeed’s funding expresses trust in the open-source ecosystem and in Elementor’s vision to empower professional web creators by radically simplifying web building, enabling web professionals to unleash their creative and business potential.

With Lightspeed’s backing, we plan to grow our operational capabilities and support our expanding community on the local and global levels. We intend to bolster our online training and learning programs, strengthen our infrastructures, and recruit more talent. At the same time, we will continue to develop new innovative product lines, thereby enhancing the Elementor platform.

As we move ahead to a bright future, it’s appropriate for us to look back at all that’s been accomplished and what motivated it in the first place. So, let’s take a look at Elementor’s origin story.

The Beginning

My partner Ariel and I set out to build Elementor in order to tackle the daily technical challenges and hardships we faced with each and every project while trying to run our own freelance website development and design agency.

From using custom code to spending hours on browser modifications, it seemed that being a profitable web development business was impossible. Necessity being the mother of all invention, we decided to create a better and more efficient working environment for web professionals, including ourselves!

Building Elementor on WordPress was the obvious choice for us. We had been active members (and fans) of the WordPress community, participated in forums, attended WordCamps, contributed code and developed several successful non-profit plugin projects. We believed our open-source project could find no better home than WordPress.

We ultimately released the first version of Elementor in June 2016, and within just 10 months we reached 100K active installs. Fast forward 4 years and Elementor is now powering over 4 million sites, has hundreds of thousands of active customers and more than 130K YouTube subscribers. Elementor is now the leading website builder on the WordPress repository, with a team that has grown to 130+ spread out around the globe. Dozens of new communities have formed around the world. We held 140 meetups across 6 continents last year, and 500 more meetups are planned for this year.

The overwhelming response made us realize that Elementor definitely wasn’t just a tool, it was a movement. We were improving the everyday professional lives of our users. Developers started releasing addons, designers created templates, young freelancers established their business using the platform. We had reached our goal and so much more.

The Vision Evolves: Birth of the Web Creator

Elementor has brought forth a new profession: the web creator. When Elementor helped reduce the technological frictions and restrictions of the past, it simultaneously opened new possibilities for professionals who can utilize its advantages. Now being a web creator is attainable.  Marketing teams can use Elementor’s pixel-perfect design capabilities to bring their landing pages to another level. Freelance designers can rely on marketing features like forms and popups and add another layer to their services. Developers can build upon the platform to create advanced solutions with less coding. Every professional finds a unique interpretation of how to make use of our all-in-one platform.

The Next Chapter

Now that we have backing, we are even more committed to our path. This backing is not just from the wonderful people at Lightspeed, but the support of countless plugin developers, community leaders, YouTubers, startups and most importantly Elementor users from around the world.

Using our resources, we will continue to actively develop our open-source community, which is our strongest driver of growth. While our team might be limited in the number of features we can deliver, 3rd party developers have helped produce hundreds of addons, and cheerfully answered any user request. In addition, 70% of all the features we develop come directly from our users’ feature requests. This produces a steady stream of innovative ideas and suggestions that drive the creativity of our platform.

Besides the emotional advantages of being part of a community and forming relationships, there is also a great advantage in gaining feedback and insights from others. Therefore, we are expanding our efforts to form local communities that come together in meetups. We are also proud sponsors of WordCamps and plan to continue to back events around the world.

It’s one thing to develop a platform, and another to get people to use it. This is why instructional content has always been a priority for us. Throughout Elementor’s short lifespan, our YouTube videos have been viewed over 20 million times. We see great importance in expanding our training efforts, giving aspiring web creators the right guides to get them started, while building advanced skills for more experienced professionals.

Exceeding Expectations

Back in 2016, when we just launched Elementor, we wrote an article explaining why we built our product. We drew a clear picture of what we were trying to achieve: to create a standard page builder with fast response time, live editing, intuitive UI, pixel perfect design and strong open-source principles. What we set forth to achieve was ambitious, and throughout the years we made sure to consistently live up to that promise. Now, with the additional funding we received, we have more means to deliver on that promise, and our drive has never been stronger. We see a very bright future for web creators, and we’re eager to continue working with each and every one of you to make your professional aspirations come to life.

About the Author

Yoni Luksenberg
Yoni Luksenberg
Co-Founder & CEO at Elementor, Designer, Entrepreneur, Father, Dreamer, Creator, Lego Builder.

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102 Responses

  1. This is awesome news, I’m so happy to be a Elementor user 🙂
    Keep up to good work and cheers to the great support for Pro users.

  2. Elementor has directly enabled countless individuals grow their business, express their creativity, and improve their quality of life.

    I look forward to what the team has in store for the future.

  3. This is great news for all professionals who use WordPress and Elementor. Congrats!

    I am happy that you stated the vision of Elementor is to “to empower professional web creators by radically simplifying web building, enabling web professionals to unleash their creative and business potential.”

    The key word being “professionals”. Many of the features that have been released over the last two years appeared to be more about market buzz and share (animations!) for non-professionals than simplifying the core web design and development process for professionals. Theme styles is a step in the right direction, but many key features for professionals still remain open and unaddressed for Elementor (global widget styling, global CSS editor within Elementor panel, ability to toggle off and on in settings the loading of Elementor widgets, etc.).

    I hope that a good portion of these issues that relate directly to “professional” web designers and developers will be addressed with this funding. If that money is spent, and the issues that matter the most to professionals remain unresolved, then a significant opportunity to establish Elementor as THE WordPress web creation tool will have been missed.

    1. I’m 100% in agreement with you.

      The Elementor team needs to take a closer look at the professionals who report problems and suggest features on GitHub.
      I’m not saying this to increase rage, just wishing that with more resources they can implement requests that have existed for years and by several people.

      In fact, congratulations to Elementor, you have an incredible movement.

    2. Our entire focus is on helping professionals. Every feature we release is an attempt to solve another challenge of professionals. There are thousands of users that will defend animations and not a buzz feature but a vital feature for their everyday work.

      1. Not the type of response I was hoping to hear, Ben Pines. It’s fine to defend Elementors choice of animations as a “core” capability for web professionals, but please acknowledge what developers have stated on GitHub as serious development deficiencies/challenges for professionals and assure us that with the $15M those will be addressed with solutions. If you buy new office furniture and new digs and servers and stuff but don’t address what is important to the very community you want to serve, then an opportunity will be lost and maybe some trust. We want Elementor to be successful in the future.

    3. Well, Frank, I appreciate your candor. Let me complete my answer then…

      You mentioned:
      “simplifying the core web design and development process for professionals. Theme styles is a step in the right direction, but many key features for professionals still remain open and unaddressed for Elementor”

      You will be happy to know that Theme Style was the first step in a series of releases that are geared to this exact cause – simplifying the process for professionals. We have several steps coming in the next PRO 2.9 beta release, so be sure to check it out.

      1. I hope so, Ben, issues like the ones I mentioned above and nested inner columns (https://github.com/elementor/elementor/issues/2587) are a serious problem for professionals. And really, most of the GitHub feature requests that are important to us do not get the type of response from Elementor that gives us confidence that your are indeed looking out for professionals needs. The thread above is one example where official Elementor response is lacking. Hopefully one of your new hires with the $15M will be someone to respond thoroughly to these features and give us timelines one when the will be address.

        1. OMG. Yes. I faced this issue. Didn’t know you can request features on GitHub like this. Nice.

          Also, the feature request is there from the last three years, it seems.

          This particular feature is available in Thrive Architect but not yet in industry leader, Elementor. It would be fine if this is a pro feature.

          Looking forward to more amazing things from Elementor. 🙂


  4. Thank you for building such an amazing product! Using Elementor for my web design business has been a game changer and I absolutely love it. Keep up the great work!

  5. Woah! Incredible but very unexpected news! 😀 This is a truly amazing achievement. Knowing this makes me feel more relieved that Elementor is here to stay for another 10+ years. Keeping on smashing boundaries. Very glad to be part of this growing community and hopefully our success bounces off each other.

    Can’t wait for even greater things to come!

    WP Captivate <3

  6. This is fantastic news. Elementor has made a massive impact on our service offerings. We love it! Keep up the amazing work.

  7. Elementor changed my life. Now I can execute projects easily and build new ones. Keep up your great job. I wish I could give more to elementor, for now is my number 1 tool for me and my clients. GO ELEMENTOR!!!!!!!

  8. This is a good news indeed. But please don’t raise your pricing as a result of this big investment you’ve got. And I have an another important question, did you get acquired as a part of this investment? I guess you guys still have majority of the stakes…

  9. Two questions:

    Elementor one day as a standalone product (harking back to the Dremweaver days)?

    Static site publishing as part of the core Elementor options?

  10. Congratulations, your hard work paid off. But it would have not without a dream, a vision and a true entrepreneurship. That shows us how important it is to follow your passion, even through the hardest of times and never, never give up! Can’t wait to see what you have in mind for the upcoming releases.

    Ab BIG FAT Thank You, that you chose the path you’re on. Keep up the spirit. (On behalf of Elementor users of Finland also)!

  11. Felicidades, llevo muchos años atado con mi empresa a depender de un programador para dar rienda suelta a mi creatividad y Elementor lo ha conseguido en solo 2 años que lo uso. Me parece el mejor recurso de wordpress junto a woocommerce. Seguir así

  12. And that’s what happens when you listen to what people need rather than ring fencing users with template clubs and the like.

    What you have created has empowered and inspired people around the globe so keep up the good work.

    Pretty Please – (Begging really) Here’s what is on my wish list:):) Elementor for Joomla fingers crossed – massive additional market for potential growth and would really please the investors

  13. Wow, great news!
    I love using Elementor and I love you guys 🙂
    You are really a game-changer.
    Keep on running 🙂

  14. I’m a new Elementor user and find it a bit clunky and limited in outcomes. Could just be new user struggles, but having used several of the WYSIWYG landing page products I am spoiled by their ease of use and great outcomes. Will Elementor be using some of the new funding to become more intuitive and easy to use?

  15. Good news, Elementor team! I hope some of this investment will be directed into creating a better customer support system, where one would be able to track open tickets and communicate with the support team. This is one thing I feel that is lacking in the Elementor ecosystem. Best wishes!

  16. Great news – we took a lot of time choosing the new platform and builder to power our web design business when moving our core offering from Joomla a couple years ago. Now it looks like we definitely made the right choice with WP & Elementor! Congrats guys.

  17. A big congratulations. $$ well earned. Time to enjoy the rewards of years of dedication to a cause.
    Look forward to future dev.

  18. Just wanted to say Thank You! I always wanted to be a web designer and never thought it would happen after I tried one programming class. But after getting fired from my job in 2018, I looked into building a website for my “wanna-be” marketing company I was trying to start.

    Long story short, I now have a career building websites from home because of Elementor.

    It’s what I started with and it’s all I use. Its been a short time but I have already used Elementor to build membership sites, subscription sites, booking sites, fishing charter sites, directory sites, you name it.

    I live in a part of California that sees mass systematic oppression for people of color. Both in the private and public sectors. It’s really hard to get a job that pays decent and even harder to get promoted.

    Because of Elementor, I set my own rates, my own hours, and I choose if I want to work with the client or not. I don’t want to say how much I charge but let’s just say it’s nearly 4X more than what I was making before.

    Unbelievable, definitely one of the best thing to happen for me.

  19. Proud and Glad! In the past I hated to deal with WordPress and now I love it…and the Support is phantasmic and the technology is cutting edge. can’t wait to see the success story continue and looking forward for more elements and features… Gerry

  20. I wonder what 130+ people actually *do* at Elementor?

    The product itself doesn’t iterate much more than any other software, are they all marketing and support people?

    1. Mostly sitting and sipping margaritas by the beach… just kidding. It actually takes a lot of work to run Elementor. You gave me a good idea for a closer look at Elementor employees on the blog 🙂 in the meantime, check out our about page: https://elementor.com/about/

      It features the different positions in the company

  21. Great news! I love to be attached to products whose creators are in it for the long haul. No doubt Elementor will just keep getting better. Really enjoy your website builder, although I am still in the learning stages.

  22. So, in reading between the lines, does this mean Elementor will become more of a SaaS like Wix or SquareSpace? Can we get a commitment that the existing plugin for WP will still exist?

    Can you comment further on the plans? Sorry, but there is just some worry out there about which direction this may go in.

  23. Great news. I hope you focus more on e-commerce, funnel building and email automations.

    If you can grow Elementor to become the one-stop shop for landing page and funnel building for ecom and email sequence/automations all made possible in the WordPress ecosystem, you will dominate for a long time.

  24. Yeah cool newer macs and bigger monitors for everyone.

    BUT can you please get to work now on improving responsive viewpoints and stop adding features we don’t need?

  25. Elementor is a typical example of a company that’s not greedy and puts customers. Despite your tremendous growth, you still maintain fair pricing. You guys rock! I envisage a day when all WordPress products will be built around Elementor!

  26. I never liked writing codes but have always loved to be a web designer. When I was introduced to WordPress, I saw the potential to achieve my dream.

    By God’s grace, about 2 or 3 years ago, I somehow stumbled on Elementor and decided to try it out since the popular page builder then was kind of buggy and too slow. Ever since, Elementor has not only been my page builder, but also my theme and plugin. I get almost every feature i need from Elementor and other Elementor addon widgets.

    Elementor provided the tool to display my creativity and I have since become a web creator with over 200 web design projects carried out. As a freelancer, most of these projects have been achieved with the help of Elementor.

    Every now and then, I keep looking out for the next feature release from Elementor and everyone has been amazing!

    Keep up the good work guys!

    Iconic Digital World

  27. Congratulations to the Elementor Team! I add my voice to the chorus of those designers whose lives were changed by the brilliant state-of-the-art WYSIWYG interface that is ELEMENTOR! Thank you all so much 🙂 I can concentrate on being creative now and forever.

  28. Congrats from a very satisfied Elementor PRO user. You are making my work more productive and thus more profitable. Please keep up the good work 🙂
    Cheers from Germany!
    Fabian from FE Webdesign

  29. Congratulations! Elementor is indeed a product that makes building website is faster and easier, obviously you guys are on the right path 😀

    Nice shot btw (the team).

  30. I am so proud of you guys. As an advertising agency owner of 20 years who started coding HTML in the 90s and went 100% WordPress within the last 6 years, Elementor has changed my life. And to think I was skeptical of page builders after the built-in ones that came with
    “no-escape” themes left a bitter taste in my mouth. With Elementor, everything is up over 100%: productivity, efficiency, and my commitment to support you guys wherever this road takes you. Thanks for staying on point. Obviously, I’m not the only one that noticed.

  31. Hi Ben and the whole Elementor team! Congrats!

    I’ve been creating sites for 16 years and adopting Elementor was a game-changer decision for my business! Today my team can invest more hours in creating content and adding value to the web sites we create than dealing with code. The easy way of crafting the mobile version of any page deserves a special mention!

    The three things we still miss the most are:

    1 – Global theme styling
    I know you guys are starting to release some good improvements, but it’s far from covering what we deal in day to day basis. (We use Hello Theme).

    2 – More widgets/options for dynamic repeater elements
    There are only a few of really dynamic elements, the ones that work as repeater ones (posts, portfolio, archives). For basic users that create pages only maybe this is not important, but to build a professional web site we need to create, manage, customize and output information with total or at least the more advanced options than we currently have on Elementor alone.
    This leads me to the third item….

    3 – Backend tools as creation of CPTs, Custom Fields, Taxonomies and the things like that
    I know that as a “page builder” tool, it’s not Elementor main concern to offer tools for creating and managing CPTs, Custom Fields and Taxonomies, but I would like to know if this kind of development is in your roadmap. It makes a lot of sense to offer these tools as a next step to become the leading tool for website creation. Today we use Toolset along with Elementor, but this bring us back to coding a lot more to make specific content output on a page (singles, archives, search results, etc). I’ve been looking what a Crocodile like tool offers, maybe it’s a hint of what Elementor may offer soon?


  32. Congratulations!!!

    I hope some of the 15 mil can be spend on fixing the woocommerce product template in theme builder 😝. Finding out that the template does not output structured data was an unpleasant surprise haha

  33. This line — “From using custom code to spending hours on browser modifications, it seemed that being a profitable web development business was impossible. ” resonated SO deeply with me.

    What used to take a team of 10 people 2 months to do, can now be done by little old me in a week.

    I just wish you guys would have been around before I drove my web dev biz into the ground.

  34. “While our team might be limited in the number of features we can deliver, 3rd party developers have helped produce hundreds of addons”

    Why are you limited? Other competing products that have a single developer or a couple at most can add these, why can’t you (especially with $15 million in the bank!). If an add-on developer working from home can produce a feature that works inside Elementor then you yourselves can develop it in house.

    I suspect that 99.999% of people would rather a feature be in Elementor Pro itself than having to purchase add ons separately and have them as plugins.

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