Happy Birthday! Do you know who’s turning 5 this June? That would be us, Elementor! So get on your dancing shoes, and join our epic 5th birthday party: we’re inviting you to dance the night(s) away with all of our beloved web creators. This party is as diverse as they come: hip-hop, house, techno, dabke or country line dancing … anything goes.

So, what else is gonna happen at our birthday dance party aside from movin’ and shakin’? We’re providing A-Class entertainment and truly special offerings. 

Spoilers, anyone?

  • The 5th Birthday Sale (The biggest promotion of the year!)
  • Special Edition content, and savvy design Assets

Have a little black book? Or a pink one? Mark your calendars, pronto. 2020 had its ups and downs, and we’re halfway through 2021. Things are about to get wild. Ladies and gents, prepare to be amazed by a 5th birthday party you’ll never forget.

5th Birthday Discount: Our Biggest Sale — Ever!

So, what are you up to between June 1st and June 7th? 

Here’s what we suggest: jumping on the one-of-a-kind opportunity to grab the Elementor 5th Birthday Sale. Our annual birthday sale is actually our biggest discount opportunity of the year, so there’s never been a better time to seize the day(s). 

This is what we’re offering

  • Agency Plan: Get 50% off and build up to 1,000 Pro websites
  • Studio Plan: Get 30% off and build up to 100 Pro websites
  • Expert Plan: Get 20% off and build up to 25 Pro websites
  • Advanced Plan: Get 10% off and build up to 3 Pro websites

Click the link above to see the full details and features of each plan.

What Will You Get as a Web Creator?

As you may already know, each Elementor Pro plan is jam-packed with features, widgets, Template Kits, updates, support, and more. And as we grow older, the list gets longer and more exciting.

Listen up, Studio and Agency!

When we introduced the Studio and Agency Pro plans this past March, one of the things we were (and still are) most excited about is the new VIP Support we are offering through Live Chat. It’s time to alleviate the stress of managing your websites — that’s now in the hands of VIP Support.

But, that’s not all. 

Some highlights of the Studio and Agency Plans are:

  • VIP Support – 24/7 Live Chat (read more below).
  • Team access to Support (Studio – up to 5 members; Agency – up to 10 members) to enable optimal workflow efficiency.
  • Tailor-made, relevant design assets – starting with 100+ additional website kits (coming soon in 2021, with extra kits for Studio and Agency).
  • Open a profile on our Experts network (open to Expert, Studio, and Agency plans) to create new business opportunities.
  • Additional dedicated features (Coming soon).

These Are for You, Essential, Advanced, and Expert!

Those of our web creators with Essential, Advanced, and Expert subscriptions will be provided with Premium Support. 

This means you’ll get:

  • Support via email, with a human response time of less than one business day (on average). 
  • Tailor-made, relevant design assets – starting with 100+ exclusive website kits (coming soon in 2021).

Lots More Pro Features To Celebrate, Too!

Whether you’re a new user or a fresh upgrader, there’s much to look forward to in your Pro plan: Exclusive widgets, landing page templates, template kits, Theme Builder, WooCommerce Builder … my, oh my. 

You’ll Get a Behind the Scenes Look at Elementor

Birthday celebrations are, above all else, about celebrating growth — and having fun while doing so. 

Here’s some of what you can expect at our dance party:

  • Get the full scoop on what we’ve accomplished in the past five years, and relish in how much Elementor has grown, become more diverse, and meet our flourishing community that’s getting bigger by the day. We’ll be featuring five of our most influential community members so you can get to know them better. 
  • A special birthday edition of the Elementor Showcase. This month, we’re featuring a series of three party-related showcases: each one dedicated to sites that provide birthday celebration goods: party drinks, desserts, and gifts, respectively. 
  • Many more exciting activities and articles.

What To Get Excited for in 2021: The Features You’ve Been Waiting For

After much anticipation and suspense, you can finally get truly pumped for the features we’ll unleash and celebrate in 2021. 

Over the next few months, we’ll be rolling out some of the most exciting Elementor features, such as: 

  • Mega Menu
  • Additional Breakpoints 
  • Import/Export

Watch the short video below to see the full low-down on what we’ll soon be adding to Elementor Pro.

Can’t wait any longer? There’s no need. As an Elementor Pro user, you’ll get first dibs on our upcoming features, and in the meantime, can build thriving websites with our existing features. 

Enjoy the birthday discount while it lasts, and don’t miss out on any opportunities — your web creation experience is about to reach new heights of awesome.