Today we’re officially exhibiting our latest project here at Elementor: “WordPress Training Course – Learn How to Build a WordPress Site With Elementor.” This is a 1-hour course for WordPress beginners that want to learn how to build a WordPress website and design it with Elementor. 

WordPress is a simple yet effective tool for building a website. Elementor is an intuitive, user-friendly plugin that makes it easy for any WordPress user to make their website beautiful. Together they’re a match made in heaven.

Why WordPress?

  • They have a free plan
  • It’s easy to customize (not only with themes but especially with Plugins, such as Elementor 😉
  • It’s SEO friendly
  • It’s easy to manage
  • It can handle different media types

Why Elementor? (You might know a lot of this already)

  • It’s a visual page builder, aka design without coding
  • You can build landing pages super quickly (especially great for marketers)
  • Build great forms
  • Build wonderful CTAs (another marketer favorite)
  • Use it with (almost) any WordPress theme
  • It’s open-source — you can extend the plugin and integrate it further, develop addons, etc.

The Web Design Dream Team

So, marketers, listen up. Your job was just made significantly easier because now you can get the best of both worlds. Your marketing funnel will only thank you. 

Since your main goal is to communicate with users, primarily through user engagement (think the attraction necessary to get your marketing funnel rolling), a beautiful website is your golden ticket. 

A website that looks as good as it feels is a super-easy way to invest in your Lead Generation campaigns, and in all the relevant components: Forms, CTAs, SEO, etc. 

Why We Love Our Hubspot Course

Our video course, featuring our Monday Masterclass extraordinaire Simon Shocket, provides a step-by-step tutorial for building a WordPress site using Elementor and HubSpot’s free tools. 

After watching the videos and passing the (three) quizzes, you’ll have polished the tasks of setting up a WordPress site (including buying a domain name, finding a hosting service, installing WordPress, etc.)

We’ll also teach you the basics of customizing the functionalities of your site: Installing plugins (we love plugins), installing themes, managing site content, running and managing the overall website, and more. 

Get to the Head of the Class

By enrolling in the course, you’ll learn how to supercharge your marketing initiatives and campaign by launching your very own WordPress website. And now, you can officially take it one step further by plugging in at Elementor’s design tool to make your website truly beautiful. 

In the spirit of lead generation, your engaging and attractive website will do exactly what HubSpot was made for lead conversion. With very little time and effort, you’ll have a full-fledged responsive website, with all the essentials: multiple pages, headers and footers, navigation menus, interactive features, and everything else you need to hit the ground running. 

Here’s a more detailed outline of the knowledge you’ll gain from our one-hour course: 


Getting started

  • Getting a Domain Name and Hosting
  • Installing SSL on your website

Setting up your WordPress site

  • Installing WordPress Plugins
  • Installing a WordPress Theme
  • Adding editing site content
  • Building and maintaining your WordPress website (Tips)


How to’s

  • Use Elementor’s platform
  • Build your respective Home, About and Contact pages 
  • Adapt the design for responsive mode
  • Use a HubSpot form to generate leads
  • Set up your website menu

Build Websites Like a Pro

Are you ready to have your web creation and marketing efforts reach a new kind of awesome? Go ahead and start the free course over at HubSpot.

Let us know how the course goes. We love all kinds of feedback and doing all that we can to make your design experience the best it can be.