At Elementor, we have always been committed to helping you, web creators, achieve your full potential by revolutionizing the website building workflow. We continue to be driven by this commitment every step of the way. 

The Editor, Theme Builder, Motion Effects, Popups, Design System capabilities, Dynamic Content – all features that were developed with this ideal in mind. Our aim is to simplify what should be easy, offer a streamlined experience, and let you focus on what matters most – creating professional websites and building your business.

For the past year, we’ve been building a platform that will offer a streamlined way to build your WordPress websites in as few steps as possible, with Elementor and Elementor Pro pre-installed. This week, we’ve started the gradual Beta release of this platform: Elementor Cloud.

Why Elementor Cloud

Our dedication to democratizing web design has driven us to develop a streamlined platform, with the goal of bringing the open-source power of Elementor and WordPress to many more users around the world.

With Elementor Cloud, we still passionalely adhere to the core values of open source web creation. You will get to enjoy all the benefits the Elementor ecosystem provides: professional design, cutting edge Pro features, a lively community and above all – complete freedom. Sites built on Elementor Cloud, just like any other WordPress website, can be transferred or exported in full at any given moment.

We’re looking forward to seeing Elementor Cloud open the doors to many more creators, so that they too can experience everything that makes WordPress the platform of choice for nearly 40% of the web. You’ll be able to install WordPress plugins and Elementor addons on your website and enjoy the full value of the WordPress ecosystem.

With Elementor Cloud, we aim to streamline the process of setting up an Elementor-powered WordPress website. We do so by providing users with a fully hosted website, ample storage, wide bandwidth, a hearty visitor cap, daily backups, and much more.

Check Out A Sneak Peek Of Our Elementor Cloud Dashboard


Elementor Cloud is being developed in parallel with our continuous work on our core product. We are hard at work developing new features, improving our infrastructure, and building the future of the Editor. The Editor will continue to remain the core product of Elementor, and we have substantial features and releases planned for 2021, so there is a lot to look forward to.

The Elementor Editor pre-installed in Elementor Cloud is the same open source plugin you know and love. As an Elementor user, you will always be able to enjoy the Elementor Website Builder plugin wherever WordPress is used.

What's Next?

For the Beta stage, we will be releasing Elementor Cloud to a limited number of users chosen at random. This will enable us to gather unbiased feedback about the platform. We will continue to work on its nuts and bolts, and make improvements if needed before we release it to everyone.

We will gradually be opening Elementor Cloud to more and more users. Please use this form to join the waiting list. We will notify everybody once registration opens.