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Create a Website
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The Goal

Build your own custom website.


Learn how to create your website with this step-by-step guide.

What's inside

Step by step guide to edit a kit into your own website: 12 units, 47 steps.


This guide is for editing an Elementor Hosted kit; an installed kit on an Elementor Hosted website is required.

How to use
this guide

An Elementor Hosted website
with an installed kit.


  • Follow the learning path unit by unit and step by step.
  • Each step in the learning path will guide you through the process of editing a kit and creating your own custom website.
  • Steps may explain concepts, demonstrate tasks, or both. When a step shows you how to do something, apply the instructions to your site.
  • After completing each step, refer to the additional resources provided to enhance your understanding before implementing the instructions.

Edit Site Parts

Your website is built with more than just pages. Learn about the different components that makes up a site and how to edit them.

Your Goal

Edit the 404 page, search results page, and popups

Site Parts

  1. A website is a combination of several features.
  2. This unit explains how to edit your pop-ups, 404 page, and Search Results page.
    Other site parts are addressed in the ‘Header and Footer’ unit.
  3. These special pages are activated under different circumstances or conditions.
  4. You need to edit all site parts before publishing your page.


  1. Popups are used to grab the user’s attention. They’re activated when a preset condition is met.
    Example: After setting a conditions, the popup can appear when the user scrolls to the bottom of the page. 
  2. A popup’s content is created like any other page, allowing you create any design you want.
  3. Popups serve as a valuable tool for showcasing special offers, promoting events, and more.
  4. However, it is important to exercise caution when using popups, as excessive use can negatively impact user engagement with your site.
  1. To check if your kit contains a popup, and to edit, add, or delete your popups, go to the WP dashboard → Templates → Popups.
  2. Popups are edited with the Elementor Editor, so you should be familiar with the process.
    To access the Editor, simply hover over the popup and click on ‘Edit with Elementor’.
  3. To set where and when the Popup will appear, edit its conditions in the drop-down next to the Publish/Update button.
    Don’t forget to save your work.

404 Page

  1. The 404 Page is automatically displayed when a user tries to access a page that doesn’t exist.
  2. This can happen if the page was deleted or renamed.
  3. The error message is standard and, in most cases, the pre-made 404 Page will suit your needs.
  1. To Edit: Go to WP dashboard → Templates → Theme Builder.
  2. Before saving your work, click the drop down on the Update/Publish button and verify that the condition is set to ‘404 Page’.

Search Results page

  1. If your kit contains a Search widget, your users can search your site’s content.
  2. The Search widget is usually located in the header
  3. Once a user performs a search, the results are displayed on a unique page that can be edited in the Theme Builder.
  1. To edit the Search Results page, go to the Theme Builder. The Search Result page is edited with the Editor, so you should be familiar with the process.
  2. After editing, click the drop down icon on the Update button, ensure the condition is set to ‘Search Results’, then save the template.



You’ll work with both WordPress and Elementor- some actions will be done through WordPress but most of the time you’ll use Elementor. * Your Cloud Website account includes a pre-installed WordPress account and the Elementor Plugins, so you don’t need to install anything, you can get straight to work!

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