5 Brand New WordPress Single Blog Post Templates

Install one of these beautiful Elementor blog post templates and improve the design of your blog!​

Redesign Your Blog With the NEW Single Post Templates by #Elementor

When we released our Theme Builder’s Single & Archive templates, we wanted to empower WordPress professionals to take control over their blog design. 

While many users have incorporated Elementor’s Theme Builder & Single Template in their day-to-day workflow, others prefered to wait until more pre-designed single post templates were added.

We received numerous requests from users to add more templates (the first batch included only 2 single templates). Pair this with the fact that Elementor templates have been used over 4M times, and you can start to grasp the need for the templates.

You asked – we listened. Here is a new batch of 5 single post templates that offer a great starting point for building your custom blog design. As a bonus, we went along and improved the first two blog post templates. Check out the full set below.


What Is A WordPress Single Post Template?

For those of you who are not familiar with the Single Post Template yet, the single post determines the layout of your blog posts. For single posts, you use dynamic widgets to build the blog post template.

To make it easier to design live, you can preview the template with any of your previously created blog posts. This way, all the dynamic widgets get populated with actual content from your site. Here is an article explaining how to use single post template.

Even after you publish a single template, you can access any specific blog post that uses the template and design it further with Elementor. 

You can choose what kind of use you make of the templates. Many users will implement them as is, without making any customizations. Others will change the color palettes or fonts, or resize the image, and that will be it.

Others, probably the more advanced users, will break the templates down into particles so they can “study” them, and draw creative ideas from them. 

How Do I Create a WordPress Post Template?

Making single post templates in WordPress has never been this easy and visual. It’s time to take your blog post to the next level. Start exploring these templates and see how easy it is to build a complete blog post design from scratch. 

Want to see more templates? Send us your requests in the comments below!

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68 Responses

  1. Amazing stuff! so much you guys are coming out with, it is going to be difficult for competition to match it up. All I think about is, the more stuff you guys offer, it should not add load to our existing pages/posts/etc. which are using Elementor. I know templates do not, but the features are ehaustive too 🙂

  2. These look amazing! My favorite of the set is the green/blue gradient header with diagonal lines. Elementor just gets better and better!

  3. One area which is constantly overlooked is the importance of the About page. Site owners often spend days researching, writing and laying out an article About one-tenth of the effort is put into their About page, which is orders of magnitude more important than a single article. With your next addition, if you helped out by showing them some alternative layouts with a list of headings they can write under, maybe more people will get the benefit of a well optimised About page, thanks to Elementor.

  4. Please forgive this Total Newbie Question… but exactly where can I find these new templates? Do I need to download them from somewhere?

  5. Can you guys do a video on how to actually use these? If I’ve already created a blog post (custom) and try to use this template, I get duplicate data in the post. Very confusing and there’s no information on Post Excerpts or how to use them.

    1. Yes they do. You can create a new template and use the conditions functionality to decide which category gets each template!

  6. how to add the template.. when i logged in to my blog post edit and used Edit with elementor. I go to the edit page and when i slect template. its showing all landing page templates. how to find the blog template. i sync already the library

    1. If you are a pro user, the templates should appear when you open the library popup. If you don’t see the templates, go to Elementor > Tools in your WordPress Dashboard and synchronize the library.

  7. Does the single post template also control the comments? Also, what are the best dimensions for the featured image for these templates?

    1. I just moved to Elementor with Astra Pro and they did wonder to my blog. It’s fast , crisp and with so many customisation options.

      On top of that these templates saved a lot of time and we can create websites in few hours.


  8. What if I use a different image in the post than the featured image? I need a different format on the single blog post than in the archive, because the automatic cropping is not working with every picture.

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