Welcome WordPress 5.0, We’re 100% Ready For You

WordPress 5.0 is officially here – and I’m happy to say we’ve got every Elementor user completely covered!

The Elementor team is glad to welcome WordPress 5.0.

I’m writing this post for three reasons:

  • First, to congratulate the WordPress team and thank them for all the hard work.
  • Second, to reassure our users that everything is working perfectly and seamlessly in Elementor with regards to WordPress 5.0.
  • Finally, I want to answer every question or concern you might have about WP v5.0.

I know that WordPress 5.0, AKA the Gutenberg editor, might be somewhat intimidating for many WordPress users. Gutenberg naturally raises questions and concerns, some directly related to Elementor.

If you’ve been following our blog, you know our development team have been busy making all the preparation for a seamless and complete Elementor + Gutenberg compatibility. We previously released several compatibility updates for Gutenberg & WordPress 5.0, and I can safely say that Elementor is 100% compatible with 5.0.

When you open the new WordPress editor, you’ll notice the familiar ‘Edit with Elementor’ button at the top of the editor. This let’s you easily switch back and forth between Elementor and the dashboard.

You’ll also notice a ‘Create New Page’ button in your main WordPress dashboard, which lets you open a new Elementor page directly.

Switching between WordPress and Elementor, and vice versa, is as easy as always. In fact, with the new Finder feature, it’s a real breeze.

Elementor Goes Beyond Simple Compatibility With 5.0

A few weeks ago, we also released a dedicated plugin called ‘Elementor Blocks for Gutenberg’, that allows you to embed Elementor templates into the new WordPress editor with one click. This plugin was mentioned in Matt Mullenweg’s official Q&A blog post (Thanks Matt!).

Still have questions?

If you are experiencing any WordPress 5.0 issues, the official WordPress recommendation is to reinstall the classic editor. If the issue you see is directly related to Elementor, let us know about this issue, so we can help solve it.

Here is a list of some of the questions we’ve been getting, followed by our answers:

Will WordPress 5.0 have any effect on how I work with Elementor?

No, you can continue to work with Elementor, just like you are used to.

Will Elementor work with the classic editor?

Elementor works perfectly with both editors.

When I drag a text widget, will I get Gutenberg or the classic wysiwyg?

The text editor widget stays the same, and does not incorporate Gutenberg.

Will I need to make updates to my pages?

No need for any changes – everything continues to work as usual.

All the sites and pages you’ve built with Elementor remain the same, and you can continue just where you left off.

Does Gutenberg replace Elementor?

No, Gutenberg does not replace Elementor. While they share the fact that both are editors, there is a fundamental gap between them.

Elementor is a all-in-one solution built for designers and web creators. If you need to design a website – use Elementor. If, on the other hand, you need to write content for your website – use Gutenberg or Elementor (whatever works best for you).

Changes Lead to Progress!

Bottom line – don’t be afraid of changes. Changes are necessary for progressing forward. Sometimes changes can be uncomfortable, but this time – you have the whole Elementor team behind you!

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Ben Pines
Ben Pines
Elementor evangelist & head of content. Follow me on Twitter

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61 Responses

  1. Thanks for this Ben. My mind is at ease. A while back I switched from the .NET platform I was using to design and develop sites, to WordPress. I started with another page builder but once I tried Elementor I knew it was meant to be! When this whole Gutenberg thing started I have to admit I was pretty nervous that my whole workflow with Elementor and WordPress was in jeopardy. As it turns out, I had nothing to worry about.
    I have to say that your team, the WordPress team and the whole WordPress community continues to amaze me. Looking forward to the future with my page builder of choice! . . .Elementor of course!

    1. Gerald, did you install Gutenberg when propted by your hosing C-Panel or whatever you use? I didn’t yet because I was already working on a site for a *new client and I didn’t have the time to research Gutenber yet?

      1. Hi Scott, I haven’t actually installed Gutenberg on any of my sites. Opted into the classic editor on all my existing client sites to avoid any surprises. Still have the classic editor on all. Plan to install Gutenberg and give it a try with Elementor on the next new build I do.

  2. Welcome WP 5.0? It’s a 100% not ready. Read: Gutenberg is 100% not ready, which is what this release is only about! Going to be a shipwreck, and the one person that pushes it down everyone’s throat has been exposed as totally ignorant for any criticism.

    ClassicPress is the next WordPress.

  3. Thanks Ben for this writeup.

    Gutenberg is one of the best things that have been added to WordPress core EVER. Period!

    Why?, it is/has made the whole WordPress experience alot more easier than ever.
    I’ve created a few blog posts with it and its very seamless.

    Before, i thought it had come in to throw away page builders, but i was wrong. It can only do the slightest things page builders do.

    And now with the Elementor blocks for Gutenberg it makes write blogs within Gutenberg more exciting. As now i simply have to add a block of an optin or any element and created with Elementor which wasn’t possible before.

    Thanks EL team for the work and WordPress as a whole.

  4. Using both Elementor and Gutenberg at the same time doesn’t make any sense. When someone uses Elementor then he doesn’t need Gutenberg.

  5. I am working in a new website and now that Gutenberg is installed I cannot edit my pages with elementor. I installed Block Gutenberg plugin but even no works. Please help. My Website need to be on tomorrow

  6. In previous version of WordPress with Gutenberg plugin installed “Edit with Elementor” button was seen as in the image shown here above in second image of this article. But in fresh new installation of WordPress 5.0 after installing Elementor, no button like “Edit with Elementor” is seen while Post or Page create/edit as seen above.

    Unfortunately now I have no option to use Elementor in anyway to design posts/pages. Its just installed and maybe those templates are the only things I can create. Whats wrong?

    1. For many Managed WordPress Hosting switching or installing earlier WordPress version is not in option by default so 5.0 is the only option unless some additional plugins or manual steps taken.

      So as a workaround while creating/editing post/page in default mode replacing URL in end from “action=edit” to “action=elementor” will enable editing posts or pages with Elementor and later on for that particular post or page the “Edit with Elementor” button/link will be available.

      Hope this is fixed soon by Elementor Team.

  7. Elementor is not ready for Gutenbug andI advise not to use Gutenburg or wordpress 5.0 until this has been fixed. once installed I lost the ability to log onto my site or use elementor at all. It does work in wordpress but the changes aren’t applied and I can’t use it to edit the site from the page.

  8. Hi, Ben. I’ve just upgraded, if that’s the word, to WordPress 5.0. No problems with my site: Spacious theme, but with few plugins. The Gutenberg page builder is a shadow of Elementor. I’m rather disappointed. I had hoped for something a bit radical.

    Thanks for the efforts of the Elementor team. One very appreciative user here.

  9. As before release 5.0 all WordPress website users don’t like Gutenburg as a default. Even check the rating of Gutenburg plugin is so low that why WordPress owners doesn’t care WordPress users. I think classic version should be available in new versions of WordPress.

  10. Hi Ben

    Thanks for sharing great information, I am using Page Builder for my client and my website once i read this blog post its awesome feature Gutenbug.

    Thanks for sharing valuable post!

  11. On upgrade to WordPress 5.0,I lost my website.It shows 404.Also when I try to login dashboard again it shows 404.I have joined cloudflare free version just before upgrade.Can it may be reason?

  12. Upgraded over the weekend, and lost most of the headers content, photos, etc. So have backed up to previous pre 5.0 WordPress. Seems like Bobby is correct. Will wait until it is ready for prime time.

  13. After updating to 5.0, my site was totally messed up. Could not save changes all the time, and the changes that were saved, were only saved on certain pages, and changes that had been made, 2 weeks prior, were showing on my site, after 3 days with bluehost tech support, clearing server cache,etc, I became so frustrated that I totally shut my website down, deleted everything, and have started over from scratch. Not everyone is experiencing greatness with the change.

    1. I am facing same problem.I lost my website.I deleted everything in host account and even in refreshed website we get wordpress 5.0 by default.But again i am not able to use elementor.It always shows “Loading:.I don’t know what to do.In my other website,I have not updated to 5.0

  14. I have two WordPress websites that I use Elementor on update to WordPress 5.0 and have had no issues with them. But I did install the Classic Editor plug-in and the Classic Editor plug-in add-on. I am hoping to be able to remove those soon as I hate to have a cluttered workspace. It’s annoying to have those extra unnecessary options IMO. I haven’t noticed any slowdown as a result of any of this.

  15. We have been so afraid to update, thanks for giving us this encouragement. We love Elementor and never want it to go away. I hear others saying how its a crutch, we see it a s a Godsend. It really allows us to quickly style our website so the edit phase, which always takes the longest anyway, can be the priority instead of designing just to have to change it as the design progresses anyway!

  16. Again all of my issues are with WP 5.0, The Classic editor and everything. I lost the ability to log into my site. when I try to create a full stretched section, it doesn’t show in the preview window at all. No one is listening on the fact that 5.0 isn’t ready for primetime in no way shape or form. I see the potential where they are trying to go with wordpress. but they are trashing wordpress trying to incorporate a builder with wordpress when Elementor is the best builder we ever had. Not gutenberg. If they want . to learn how to do it right learn the Elementor technology and start there. Its what gutenburg should be to work with wordpress.

    1. WordPress 5.0 is not working at all.It needs to be tested and modified before implementing.Worst thing is you get 5.0 when launching new website.Needs to take immediate action by wordpress.

  17. I lost my entire site after WordPress automatically upgraded to 5.0. Initially, I thought it was cache issue or network related till I wanted to create a new post. Couldnt find Elementor plugin – guess it was removed during the upgrade.

    Website is showing plain text. What can I do pls?

      1. Thanks Ben, This has been sorted. The issue was with WordPress Version 5.0. I have restored to an earlier version of WordPress. Elementor loads fine now and the website at the front end is normal.

  18. I have updated both wp and elementor, two of my pages have carousels on them neither work now, they show up on the edit page (ELEMENTOR) and classic wp but dont in either preview or live versions

  19. Thanks, Ben.

    I’m getting used to Gutenberg and find it fine. I use Elementor for most of my pages and they seem to work as normal. It was not reassuring to find that the 5.0.1 update was sent out before most people had installed 5.0. Someone messed up. I’ve got three sites, and the small club one, the simplest of all, with the fewest plugins, will not let me access Elementor on any Chrome-based browser. On Edge there’s no similar refusal to play, so it’s lucky I use this mainly for working on my sites.

    I’ve struggled for a couple of days but haven’t found the cause. It might be the host, as there’s no similar problem on either of my other sites, both hosted by others. From my point of view, Elementor and Gutenberg work perfectly well together. In fact I find it a bit easier, what with both having blocks. My tired old mind doesn’t have to cope with switching from one method to the other now.

  20. Are there specific steps one should take before upgrading, like saving all your pages as templates to reduce rebuild time, or installing the referenced “disable gutenberg” plugin. After we have already seen a problem, what is the best way to take baby steps knowing that a wholesale upgrade will not work?

  21. Since I now use WP version 4.9.9 and Elementor version 2.3.4, any big risks to upgrade to Elementor 2.3.6 now but wait a few months before updating the core WP?

    Just wondering because it seems like no security patches are in the updates to the WP core. And they’ve released 5.0, 5.0.1 & 5.0.2 within days of each other. And so many of the readers here complain of broken sites from the new WP version.

  22. I have updated to wordpress 5.0.3. running Generatepress and Elementor 2.4.1 – Elementor will now not load, it was working fine before the update and works fine when I activate the classic editor. How can I sort this out so that I can use gutenberg?

  23. WordPress 5.0, AKA the Gutenberg editor, might be somewhat intimidating for many WordPress users. The features of WordPress is amazing that’s why I switch to it but now I am facing the problem while opening it, it is taking a lot of time while opening and sometimes it gets close itself. can you please tell what should I do?

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