It’s that exciting time of the month again when we showcase ten impactful websites, created with Elementor by talented designers from around the globe. From month to month, the list of beautiful sites grows larger, and our task to pick the best ones gets harder. Our community members submit hundreds of sites built with Elementor, and many of them deserve mention. But as you know, in the end, we can only share ten.

In the following list, you’ll find a variety of sites — for design agencies, freelance web designers, photographers, service providers and more. We hope their work will spark your creativity, encouraging you to try out new design techniques, and take it to the edge!



Jeeiee is a site created by Jitesh Ghanchi, a self-taught freelance logo & graphic designer from Surat, India. We like this one-page portfolio for its compact layout: the trendy background shapes that transition on hover and the intuitive interaction applied to the page elements (e.g., the Flip-Box widgets) produce a dynamic design, without being messy or distracting.


The German company Page and Paper provide print and digital services. With a studio located in a lush forest, Page and Paper draw their inspiration from nature. The captivating video in the hero section piques the visitor’s curiosity. When the video ends, the screen goes black; instantly directing the viewer’s attention to the onscreen text and CTA’s — good idea!

The next section has a well-crafted gallery layout, demonstrating just the right balance between images, color blocks, and typography. The animation is very subtle and complements the gallery. It’s an elegant and modern-looking website.


Ford Jureman is a Ford dealership in Tomelloso, Spain. The website they built looks well established and presents a wide range of automotive products. The high-quality video in the hero section is both appealing and effective. They present their information in a structured way that is consistent and accessible throughout the site. Simple, yet functional and informative, this website reflects the Ford brand with respect.


Ofia is a Danish hair salon in Frederiksberg. Their website is a professional-looking one-page site, demonstrating a high level of web design. It is a good example of web design that is on brand. Like the business it represents, this site is chic, minimalistic, well-crafted and engaging. We like the images and the effects applied to them, as well as their layout and typography choices.


Sodapop Digital is an Australian based digital marketing agency focusing on lead generation via PPC marketing.

What Sodapop has created is a unique, poppish and cheerful design, which corresponds to their name, accentuated by copy and messaging that uses 50’s & 60’s slang. Every single detail is well thought-out: from their zany color palette to the comics typeface and nifty illustrations. This site sure looks swell!


Prodtool is a Brazilian start-up company — a corporate social network with communications, training, archives, discussion forums, live broadcasts and more.

Their website immediately caught our eye with their incredible, trendy illustrations that decorate the homepage and internal pages. With these drawings, Prodtool has invented a colorful and inviting design language. What’s more, the homepage is short and sweet with a healthy mix of just the right components.


The Danish Team One Security’s website is yet another fine example of a business site made with Elementor. All the designer’s choices seem just right. The dark background points right away to the type of service visitors are about to explore. The page is compact, clean and well organized.

The animated headlines effectively spread a few crucial messages all at once in an interactive way. We also like the side menu that pushes the boundaries of conventional strip-top menus. Well executed!


Evoke is a British digital agency, based in West Yorkshire. They have designed a compelling website with vision and verve.

Key messaging slides onscreen in the form of sleek animated headlines inside the hero section. In the background, the bubble animation of floating seaweed creates alluring visuals. Fierce and funny, their vibrant work samples entice visitors to see more.


The Londonsit Textile website nails it. This business site immediately captures eyeballs. We like the short video in the hero section that tells the story of their textile business in just 3 seconds without using any words.

There are several smart design decisions here, but let’s focus on one in particular: at first sight, the grid appears quite standard, and the content is arranged within this structured grid, yet the use of straight-lined shapes creates an illusion of a dynamic and innovative layout.


Hush & Hype is a creative video and photography studio in Essen, Germany. Their website sets high standards for Elementor users, proving that simple structures and layouts — with a touch of great taste and style — can have outstanding results.

The branding is to the point; the attention to detail is mind-blowing! But perhaps above all, the original visuals command attention and communicate the skills and creativity of the team behind Hush and Hype.

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