We created a tempting restaurant template set just for you. The set includes four tantalizing layouts for professional restaurant websites.

Watching the speed art video below will set you off on a flying start with the new templates. In the video, Ilia builds the Restaurant Homepage from scratch. Follow along and try it out for yourself:

Following our recently added advanced form fields, we decided to pamper you with a complete restaurant website set. It features a reservation form with the new Date and Time fields. This lets you create a restaurant website that collects customer reservations in minutes. The set includes 4 essential pages: Homepage, About, Menu, and Contact.

Grab Our Appetizing

The template set is already available inside your Pro Template Library. To start using it, click on ‘Add Template’ from the editor, then press the right sync icon to update your library with our servers. 

Let’s go over each new template and take a closer look at these tasty delights.

Restaurant - Homepage

The Restaurant homepage template features a fictional French restaurant called ‘Le Boudoir’. It offers an irresistible and stylish hero section, a chef profile-box, and a spotlight on one of the main courses. The template has a reservation form that allows the customer to pick a requested date, time, and party size.

Restaurant - About Page

The About template showcases the unique kitchen and winery services provided by the restaurant. As with the homepage, this template is adorned with stunning imagery of the cuisine offered by the establishment. The carousels featuring testimonials and customer Instagram photos leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Restaurant - Menu Page

The Menu template comprises three different menus offered by the restaurant: Entrée, main courses and beverages. Each menu is garnished by a relevant dish, and the overall page style is minimal and modern.

Restaurant - Contact Page

The Contact template completes the picture, offering the customer a point of contact as well as social media details. As with the other templates, here we see the header with a brush stroke pattern that correlates to the restaurant’s cuisine. 

Feel Free to Use The New Templates

The photos included in these templates have no licensing restrictions. You can use them on your websites and on your client’s websites, without having to worry about licensing or photographer attribution issues. 

These templates are available to all members of our Pro community. Not a pro yet?  I invite you to come onboard today. Join Elementor Pro

What templates would you like to see next? Let me know in the comments below.