Adam Preiser from WPCrafter has one of the most popular YouTube channels for WordPress tutorials. On our podcast, he talks about nurturing your viewers and followers, explains why he decided to appear on his tutorials and introduces his brand new product, CartFlows.

Adam Preiser is a successful marketer and entrepreneur,  and the man behind the popular WPCrafter, where he teaches people how to build websites using WordPress, in a non-techie way. 

Recently Adam launched CartFlows, a Software-as-a-Service extension for WooCommerce, which allows you to build entire high converting sales funnels (flows) with a single mouse click.


It's the Personal Touch

At the beginning of the interview, Adam tells the listeners how he was introduced to Elementor and what made him actually try it out (and fall in love):

“…I obviously have a YouTube channel, WPCrafter, and when Elementor came out I saw been really pushing this into getting the word out there and it was … but I was a little cautious because I don’t like to talk about new things unless I really think they’re gonna go someplace. I would get emails from Ben and Ben would say: ‘Oh, hey Adam, I just wanted to share this with you’, and then a week later: ‘Hey Adam, I’m just following up’, but they were not automated writes.

“…Gorilla marketing is like the common phrase here in the United States for it. It’s just you’re going for it, you don’t have this big advertising budget yet, you’re just putting in all the work to reach out and make sure people hear about your product but it takes … it’s work, it’s work right? You had to find who you wanted to reach out to, and then you had to find out how to reach out to those people, and then you had to organize it all.

It’s that personal touch, right? That’s what it was for me was the personal touch. I knew you were sending me an email and you were following up, and then when Elementor hit 30,000 active installations I thought there’s probably something to this Elementor thing, I tested it but that’s when I started to say, you know there might be something here let me try this out. This guy … if I don’t communicate back to this guy he’s gonna keep coming, and coming, and coming … no that’s not how I reacted but it’s funny because of my YouTube channel I get a lot of initial emails like that. You can tell they’re just auto-generated, you know what I mean but if you’re willing to start talking to someone and reaching out to someone and I’m a very personable guy, I will listen and people will listen but you can’t automate that.”


What Is CartFlows

In October 2017, Adam met Sujay Pawar, the maker of Astra theme, when he was passing through Los Angeles on his way to Mexico. Adam thought it was going to be a steak and lobster dinner, but eventually, it turned out to be the conversation that started CartFlows:

“We kicked off a great friendship that evening and we were just talking about some of the frustrations with selling products on the internet.”

Those frustrations were the result of lack of WordPress options to have a conversion optimized checkout, the fact that WooCommerce is not buyer friendly and offers very little control over the purchase process.

Adam and Sujay decided to develope together a software that gives full control over every aspect of the buyers’ journey, makes WooCommerce buyer friendly, reduces shopping cart abandonment, and more. After 12 months, on November 2018, CartFlows was launched. 


Show Genuine Care to Your Followers​

Adam attributes his success on Youtube to him being always available to his followers:

“…I know one secret to what I believe has been my success with my YouTube channel is that I make myself very accessible. You can comment, I’ll do my best to respond. You can email me, I will respond. You can message me on Facebook, I will respond. I’m an accessible guy and so I have this relationship and people feel like I’m there for them. I genuinely am but they actually feel it too.”



Put Yourself out There

Early on his Youtube tutorials career, Adam realized that appearing on his own videos can help him create a better connection and loyalty to him from the viewers’ side:

“When I started making videos the first four videos I didn’t put my face in it. Then I was watching someone else and they said, when someones willing to put their face on it, it’s totally different how you perceive and that person and how likely you are to come back. When you just put your face on it. I got to say I tried and it wasn’t easy at first, you know you have a bit of self-consciousness, especially men we don’t wear makeup. I can’t sit there and make myself look all great, all I can do is make sure I got a clean shave but when you do that … I decided to do that and all of my videos I’m in, there might be 1% that I’m not actually in and I do think I kind of set the trend for that. Now you see more guys putting themselves in the video where I was always interested in video because that’s how you make a deeper connection with someone is letting them get to know you and stuff like that.

It’s been I think one of the secrets of my success, just putting my video there. If I’m to give a shout out you see a Dave Froy putting himself in the video, you see Paul C is now putting himself in the video… we’re not competitors, we all have the same audience, if someone subscribed to me they’re probably subscribed to these guys too and they’re great guys. There’s definitely other guys as well. Anyways, it’s just I think when you put yourself out there the reward is much greater than the risk.”