Elementor Talks 58: The Legal Side of Website Building

Jonathan Klinger is a lawyer specialized in internet and technology-related law. In our podcast, he talks about the legal hurdles web designers should watch out for and what precautions they can take to protect themselves. He also explains the reasoning behind the new Internet laws that recently came into effect.​

15 Helpful Development Resources for WordPress Developers

Looking to improve your WordPress development skills in 2020? Check out these 15 helpful resources to aid you with WordPress development — blogs and communities where you can read tutorials and ask questions, or straightforward references.

What Is Minimalist Design and How to Apply It

In our era of short attention spans and constant distractions, designers have to use techniques that allow communicating as succinctly as possible. This is where minimalism comes handy. In this article, we will discuss the origins of minimalism, its role in web design, and how to apply it.