This release is all about improving generation models for higher acceptance rates and improved image variation models to make you even more productive. Imagine crafting stunning websites in record time, exceeding client expectations, and freeing up valuable hours in your schedule. That’s the power Elementor AI puts in your hands. Read on for some practical ways using Elementor’s AI tools can take your website to the next level.

Ai Release 0.4 Workflow Improvement 58 Improvement Context Ai 0.4 Release: Context Boosts A 58% Content Uplift For Improved Workflow 1

Boost Engagement with Elementor AI’s Custom Code & CSS Generation

Custom Code & CSS offers a world of design possibilities, allowing unparalleled control over every element. However, writing code can be daunting and time-consuming. Elementor AI eliminates the coding barrier by generating Custom CSS for stunning website elements. Need some inspiration? Explore our library of AI prompts. No coding knowledge required!

Keeping Users Engaged: Visual Cues and Confetti Animations

A well-placed custom CSS animation can significantly boost user engagement. Visual cues like confetti showers or falling confetti trigger emotional responses, fostering a positive connection with your platform.

Here are some ways Elementorists can leverage custom Code & CSS for a dynamic web experience:

  • Celebrate Special Events: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or seasonal promotions (think Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Back to School) become even more festive with confetti raining down on your site. It creates a sense of urgency and excitement, encouraging customers to snag those limited-time deals.
  • Confirm Purchases with a Flourish: A celebratory confetti shower upon checkout confirmation adds a touch of joy to the buying process. This positive reinforcement leaves customers feeling satisfied with their purchase and more likely to return.
  • High Five for Success: Celebrate Applications with a Fun Animation: Forget the dry confirmation email! Celebrate job applications with a fun animation like confetti or a high five emoji. This unexpected surprise provides a touch of personality and shows applicants that you value their time and makes a company stand out
  • Milestone Recognition: Reaching a milestone, like gaining a large number of subscribers or achieving a fundraising target, deserves recognition. A burst of confetti acknowledges the collective effort as well as fosters a sense of community. Or consider incorporating custom CSS on the Counter widget for dynamic gradient backgrounds in your brand’s color for a memorable look.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Remember, AI-generated content can vary, so embrace the diverse and creative results. You might discover a hidden gem that takes your design to the next level.

Ai Release 0.4 Workflow Improvement Css Focused Image Ai 0.4 Release: Context Boosts A 58% Content Uplift For Improved Workflow 2

Web Creators Rave: AI Suggestions Transform Workflows with a 58% Higher Acceptance Rate

The age-old question: Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? In web creation, this often translates to the content versus design debate.

They say content is king, especially on the web. Well, writing good copy is hard, even if it’s just placeholder text!. The words you choose can make or break your website’s success. But many people struggle with content creation. Your client might have a clear vision for the design, but when it comes to filling those empty text boxes, they’re left feeling lost.

Here’s where you, the Elementor web creator, step in and offer a valuable service that sets you apart from the competition.  Elementor AI Context is your sidekick to craft compelling and consistent content that resonates with the brand’s voice. Simply go to your site settings, click on “AI Context” and add Tone & Voice information and details about the business. AI Context will then provide you with tailored text and images. Web creators, like yourself, are loving the results! Elementor AI Context users are applying suggestions 58% more often than those who are not using Context. This signifies a significant increase in content accuracy saving a considerable amount of time and ultimately leading to faster project approvals!

Many web creators now provide basic content packages with placeholder text that goes beyond generic “Lorem Ipsum.” This offers clients a tangible starting point, allowing them to visualize their website’s content and layout more effectively. It also prevents project delays so you get paid sooner! But it goes beyond filling space. Well-crafted placeholder content sets the stage for meaningful discussions about tone, messaging, and branding. You empower clients to see their vision come alive before the final copy is written. The best part? When clients see design and content seamlessly integrate, they’re more likely to trust you with their entire project, building lasting relationships and loyalty.

Ai Release 0.4 Variations Ai 0.4 Release: Context Boosts A 58% Content Uplift For Improved Workflow 3

Captivate Visitors with Elementor AI Image Variations

Attention spans are short and compelling visuals are the key to grabbing a visitor’s attention in those crucial first seconds. Beyond aesthetics, strategic visuals boost engagement and build trust – key ingredients for a successful website.

Elementor’s AI team has been busy making it even easier for you to get the right image! We’ve unleashed a wave of improvements to our Image Variation feature (available with Elementor version 3.21.5 or above).

Ever find the perfect stock image, or created the perfect AI generated image but something feels off? Elementor’s AI Image Variation is your new productivity booster! With a simple click, you can generate several variations of your chosen image, offering fresh perspectives.

It doesn’t require you to pinpoint exactly what’s missing, or how you would want to change it – it uses its creative intelligence to suggest alternative versions that might spark inspiration. These variations could feature different lighting, color palettes, or even subtle compositional changes. While you might not get the exact modification you envisioned, you might discover an even better option that perfectly aligns with your brand and storytelling needs.

Here’s how Elementor’s Image Variations can transform your visual storytelling across different scenarios:

  • Hero Images That Pop: Stuck with a hero image that feels generic? Fire up AI Image Variation! It can generate variations with different perspectives that may more closely match the tone of your website 
  • Budget-Friendly Image Remixes: Found the perfect stock image but want to update it a little? Upload it to AI Image Variation. The AI will generate variations with different color palettes, or even minor compositional tweaks, giving you a fresh, unique image
  • Breaking Creative Blocks: Ever hit a wall brainstorming visuals for a project? Let AI Image Variation spark your creativity! Upload a reference image and the AI will reimagine the image. This can help you break free from creative roadblocks and discover exciting new directions for your visuals
Ai Release 0.4 Better Copy Ai 0.4 Release: Context Boosts A 58% Content Uplift For Improved Workflow 4

Content Results That Get Better and Better

Never satisfied with the status quo, we’re constantly refining our AI product to deliver the best possible results for you. Recently, we conducted extensive tests comparing different generation models within our product for content creation. The outcome? We discovered a champion model that boasts a compelling 14% higher acceptance rate for relevant content insertions. That translates to more powerful AI-driven results for you, seamlessly integrating even more relevant content into your projects. We’ve automatically switched to this improved model, so you can expect an even better experience moving forward.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Ever wonder what the future of web design holds? At Elementor, we’re constantly innovating our AI features to bring you the most powerful tools possible. 

Tens of thousands of Elementor web creators are already reaping the benefits of AI. They’re saving time, boosting their creativity, and crafting stunning websites with ease. Want to join them?

  • Free Credits Available: Dive into the world of AI features with our free AI credits for every Elementor AI feature, and experience the magic for yourself.
  • Two Subscription Plans: Unlock the full potential of AI with our affordable subscription options, designed to fit your specific needs.

The future of web design is constantly evolving, and we’re leading the charge. Embrace the power of AI and let’s build something revolutionary together!