An “online store” is a deceptively simple concept. Nearly everyone who wants an online store in 2024 has seen hundreds, if not thousands, of them. We can easily list what a store needs: product pages, galleries, a clear checkout process.

You probably understand the back office requirements as well. Yes, there needs to be inventory management, the ability to calculate shipping costs and taxes, analytics, reporting tools for accounting, and more.

Then, there’s the world of online hosting. Again, you can probably intuitively grasp the hosting requirements for an eCommerce store: speed, reliability, security, and the ability to scale when traffic peaks during sales. Plus, you’ll want support when you need it the most, so expert service around the clock is the most desirable.

Moving from ideas to actually building a store, the reality sets in very quickly. Some platforms have major design constraints (which is why so many stores look similar), while others have less-than-transparent fees that can impact your business. To distract you, offerings are filled with vague promises and ultra-premium features that aren’t actually useful for most retailers.

At Elementor, we want to help you unlock your store’s full potential and ensure a smooth and successful experience as you build and grow your online presence.

How do we do that? By leveraging one of the most advanced Cloud Hosting platforms in the business, supported by Google Cloud, Cloudflare Enterprise CDN, and with all plans including a premium SSL certificate. The platform is among the best in the business and features auto-scaling, ensuring website availability and perfect visitor experience even during peak traffic. This enterprise-grade infrastructure ensures your site runs lightning-fast, regardless of visitor location, making your store loved by both shoppers and search engines alike.

All throughout 2024, Elementor Hosting consistently rates among the best hosting providers in visitor experience (monthly Core Web Vitals Technology Report). This report, which utilizes data from Google’s Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) is among the best independent experience benchmarks available.

Recent performance boosts are sure to take Elementor Hosting even higher in the rankings. We will elaborate on our breakthrough achievements in this space during July.

We then pair our hosting with powerful eCommerce tools that optimize the shopping experience:

We start with WooCommerce, trusted by some of the largest brands in the world for its open-source nature, operational ease, and endless customizability.

Then, we add the #1 WordPress Website Builder. Elementor is pre-installed in each of our eCommerce plans, allowing you to easily design your store.

Need more tools and elements to improve conversions? Our Sell Pro and Sell Pro+ plans include a premium WooCommerce theme valued at $99/year. This theme is not only incredibly fast but also boasts built-in, state-of-the-art, conversion and sales optimization tools.

Which plan should you choose? Let’s dive in!

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Sell Core – $4.99/month (1st year price)

Basic details:

50K Monthly Visits | 20 GB Storage | 50 GB/mo Bandwidth | 7 Days Backup

Who is it for:

Our most affordable eCommerce Hosting plan, Sell Core, is aimed at experienced users seeking industry-leading infrastructure to support an online store. In it, WooCommerce comes pre-installed, and the plan includes Elementor’s Core Website Builder (free version). Additionally, if you have an existing Elementor Pro subscription, you can activate it to build a highly performant store with your advanced skills and expertise.

The plan is infrastructure-focused, and while you absolutely can build an amazing store using the Core version of the Website Builder, those looking for a premium building experience should consider our Sell Pro and Sell Pro+ plans.

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Sell Pro – $14.99/month (1st year price)

Basic details:

75K Monthly Visits | 25 GB Storage | 100 GB/mo Bandwidth | 14 Days Backup

Who is it for:
Users who want to launch a highly converting store today can’t go wrong with the Sell Pro plan! Not only are its activity specs higher, you’re also getting an incredible toolkit for building, managing, and growing your store. This includes the Elementor Pro – Essential plan as well as a premium WooCommerce theme that’s focused on speed and conversions.

Features like wishlists and waitlists help build long-term relationships between your store and its visitors, countdown timers add urgency, numerous upsell placements help increase users’ carts, distraction-free checkout lowers friction during the most important part of the process.

And that’s just a small taste of what’s available! Dozens and dozens of conversion-improving features are available with this plan, which also includes a dedicated staging environment that’ll make store updates far less stressful.

With Sell Pro, you’ll be able to build and launch the store of your dreams in no time, then grow it to maximize its potential.

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Sell Pro+ – $24.99/month (1st year price)

Basic details:

Unlimited Monthly Visits | 60 GB Storage | 150 GB/mo Bandwidth | 30 Days Backup

Who is it for:

Users who have high-traffic stores with a lot of products should look closely at our Sell Pro+ plan. This plan includes everything in the Sell Pro plan, including an industry-leading conversion optimization toolset, and more!

First of all, it boasts the highest activity specs, including unlimited monthly visits. Then there’s the all-encompassing Elementor Pro Advanced — the most fully-featured Elementor Website Builder plan. It comes with numerous Elementor-built enhancements designed for eCommerce, including Display Conditions, which give you the ability to decide when certain elements appear on your site. This capability lets you schedule weekend and holiday sale displays in advance.

And to help your store load large quantities of rich media with ease, we’re adding a year’s subscription of Elementor Image Optimizer 5K for free (valued at $49.99).

In conclusion, eCommerce Hosting by Elementor provides everything you need to efficiently build an online store, scale your business, and start selling today. Explore our plans to find the perfect fit for your store.