Here are more Elementor marketing widgets you might like.

Today’s release is all about improving your marketing efforts.

Headlining our new features – is Elementor Pro’s revamped Evergreen Countdown widget

Many marketers have adopted Elementor as their main tool for managing landing pages, webinars, funnels, affiliate sites and other marketing related assets.

We got a lot of feedback from them on our countdown timer widget. They wanted a broader solution to help them create a sense of urgency and scarcity in their sales pages. 

Taking this feedback into account, we considerably extended our timer, made it evergreen, and added a lot of useful functionality.

The Best Scarcity Marketing Tool

What is the Evergreen Countdown Timer?

The Countdown widget is a long-standing widget that was created to increase urgency when promoting sales, events or other time-limited offers. Our own team uses it during our seasonal sales.

Making the countdown timer evergreen means all visitors get the same time frame, regardless of when they enter the page.

Let’s say you want to promote your new online course. You send an email to your subscribers, telling them about your offer. Naturally, you want each visitor, no matter when they visit your site, to always see the same time limit of two hours, even if they open it a month after you send the email.

User A visits the page today, she sees a countdown of 2 hours.
User B visits two weeks later, he still sees a countdown of 2 hours.

Here’s the great part –

Once the visitor lands on the page with the countdown, a cookie is set in her browser. The next time the same visitor lands on the page, the timer will continue from the time the visitor first landed on the page.

Actions After Countdown

What Happens When the Countdown Ends?

Another issue with countdowns is what happens when the countdown ends. With this version, you can easily set a custom action that comes into play once the timer reaches zero.

After this point, choose whether to:

  • Hide the countdown
  • Set a redirect and transfer your user elsewhere
  • Show a message (‘Sorry, you missed the sale…’)

This way, you don’t have to revisit and update your sales pages, and can run different automated sales and conversion funnels.

If you want your visitors to convert after the sale ends, simply hide the timer from the page. Prefer to get them ready for a future sale? Redirect them to a dedicated landing page or show them a custom message.

Marketers Rejoice Over the New Marketing Widgets by #elementor.

More Goodies in This Release...

Star Rating Widget


The star rating widget has been added to the core version of Elementor, making it available for every user. Ratings and reviews have become so fundamental to websites and the online digital world, and that’s why we decided to include it in our core plugin.

You can add star ratings to different elements on the page, in order to increase social proof and trust among your visitors. For website creators wanting to make a lasting and convincing impression on visitors, this widget is a must.

The Star Rating widget is built in accordance with Google Schema, optimizing it in terms of SEO, and increasing the chances that it will be included in Google’s rich snippets.

Browse through the new Elementor homepage to see how we’ve incorporated it into various parts of our design.

Social proof

Reviews Widget


Even before this release, Elementor included similar tools like the Testimonial widget and Testimonial Carousel widget.

While working on Elementor’s new site, our designers felt there was a need for a more advanced testimonial widget that provided stronger credibility through social media references and star ratings. 

The Reviews widget gives you way more options to design your review boxes and lets you incorporate star rating and social icons inside each review. You can choose to display a single review, or turn it into a review slider and showcase your business’s advocates and fans.

Include different social icons, such as Twitter, Facebook and so on inside each review. This, in combination with linking to the original review on social media, turns this widget into a powerful tool to promote trust and credibility with your visitors (Note that this widget is built manually and does not draw reviews from feeds). 

Our designers put this widget to use throughout our own site pages, feel free to explore how we applied it.

SEO, Navigation & Accessibility

Sitemap Widget


The html sitemap widget is a great improvement in terms of SEO, especially for larger sites. Creating a dynamic hierarchical structure of links pointing to the different areas on your website helps Google’s spiders index your site. 

It’s also helpful in terms of accessibility, and can make navigating your site a smoother experience. It actually corresponds to the WCAG AA accessibility level, and you can read more about it here.

The sitemap structure is quite flexible, so you can determine which post type, category or other criteria is displayed.

This widget should not be confused with XML sitemaps, produced by tools like Yoast SEO. While XML sitemaps are written for search engines, HTML sitemaps are written for humans. Read more about the difference in the Crazy Egg blog.

Among the Benefits of HTML Sitemaps:

  • Usability – Offer a better experience for users and help them navigate to key areas of your website. It also helps them figure out what your site is about.
  • Navigation / Quick Access – When dealing with large scale sites, HTML sitemaps can help users see the trees through the forest and get easy access to your core content.
  • Interlinking – We won’t go into depth here, but you can use these sitemaps to spread link equity through your site (Read more about it).

What's Next?

Growing Our Marketing Stack

Elementor is rapidly growing as the new web design standard in WordPress.

Besides designers, marketers are another type of audience who have adopted Elementor as their go-to solution.

These features expand our family of marketing solutions, offering a seamless, unified experience, sure to boost your growth. Stay tuned, as we keep adding valuable marketing functionality to Elementor Pro. 

Which marketing improvements would you like to see next? Please share in the comments below.