Elementor is introducing yet another groundbreaking way to build websites — introducing our new Kits Library! Each kit includes every website component you need: page content, header, footer, archive pages, single pages, pop-ups, site settings, global settings (colors, fonts, etc.). This is by far your fastest option for building a brand new website. 

Until today, our Template Library contained content blocks, popups, various website elements like headers and footers, and more. While some of these elements followed a common design language and could be downloaded individually, these components only provided solutions for specific parts of your site design, and not for the entire website. Another frustration was the fragmented downloading process, which required many steps and stages of downloading and uploading templates in order to use them in the Editor. 


And so, the time has come, as we welcome Elementor 3.3, we’re officially shortening your workflow into a small series of clicks. Elementor 3.3 allows you to import an entire kit or multiple template components simultaneously. From here onward, your website-creation process is remarkably shorter, and the kits Library provides dozens of pre-designed Elementor website kits, all of which are included in your Elementor subscription. 

We’ve started by creating different collections of kits with exclusive access depending on your subscription level: 

    • 5 Free Subscriber Kits
    • 65 Pro Subscriber Kits
    • 20 Expert Subscriber Kits

And many more to come!

Why Did We Create the Kit Library?

We built our new Kits Library as part of our initiative to provide our users with a resource that will help you build complete websites quickly and easily. Each new kit gives you the freedom to build a new website from the foundation of a complete, pre-designed site that includes a customizable design system. We created the kits in order to set a standard. Each kit is built solely with Elementor, maximizing the capabilities of every feature, without any external tools or code. You are finally welcome to take what we have created, change it up and adapt it to your personal website needs, and to the needs of your clients, of course. 


Even More Reasons To Use the Kits:

  • Working with kits shortens and speeds up your workflow, ultimately allowing you to take on more clients without compromising on the quality of the websites you create. 
  • You can create one personalized kit of your own to use whenever you create a new website that includes the individual elements you need to build a full website, and adapt each element to the respective site. Once doing this, you can export your kit and use it in any site from thereafter. 
  • The Kits Library is also built as a source inspiration for you, our users: 
    • Design Inspiration: to introduce you to different designs and variations that you can create with Elementor. When it comes to what you can design with Elementor, the sky’s the limit and that’s exactly what the kit library is here to prove. 
    • Layout Inspiration: the library can show you the unique and engaging ways to use Elementor widgets — and in ways you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. 
  • Elementor Widgets are in no way confined to basic use-cases, and the kits illustrate the many ways and formats you can use widgets in, along with creative techniques for how to use them. 

Here are some examples of how you can use Elementor in a smarter way by importing them directly and seeing how they were built: 

Tip 1 Introducing Our New Kits Library 1
  1. In the Hiking Tours Company Kit, you can see that the hero image is composed of three side-by-side columns within one section. At first glance, it appears that there are three individual images with independent animations and motions, but in practice we only uploaded one image file, and it’s placed in a different position in each column so that the file size and page loading time wouldn’t be compromised.
Tip 3 Introducing Our New Kits Library 2

2. In the Hair Salon Kit, (and essentially in every Pro kit), we configured each footer to have a dynamic copyright logo that doesn’t require continuous updating. What this means is that Elementor has the capability to extract data from custom fields and display them dynamically. For example, you can configure any text field to show the current date and time on an ongoing basis, without having to update it manually. This feature is especially useful and effective for footer copyright, whose validity is dictated by the date written inside.

Tip 2 Introducing Our New Kits Library 3

3. In the NGO Kit, we used a cool hack that displays a divider in three different colors that match the website color palette, yet without actually adding three dividers to the layout. 

So, Why Should You Use a Kit From the Elementor Library?

Every kit in the library is built by Elementor in-house expert designers who understand web creators’ needs, potential issues that may arise during the website-building process, and ultimately — who live and breathe Elementor. 

Our team built all the kits with the understanding that all elements need to be changeable and built in a way that will not harm the site’s performance. The layout and structure of the kit should be understandable and clear to the user, and we ensure this clarity by giving names to all the sections, reducing the image file weight as much as possible, and by reducing the use of global settings to the minimum required to make the site look amazing yet easily transferable to the workflow of the user. 

Every kit includes the website elements that act as the foundation of any website you build: header, footer, homepage, and at least three additional pages of content, and a 404 page. Archive pages, single posts, and popups are also included in every relevant kit. Each kit was built with the underlying purpose of providing you with an option to modify every kit according to your needs. Everything can be modified and added as you see fit: images, content, animations, layout adaptations, colors, fonts, and the like.

The kits library doesn’t claim to be a novelty concept that you’ve never encountered before, but it does emphasize our initiative to provide kits that let you build your Elementor site in the best way possible. Each kit was built on the basis of “Elementor Pure”: using Elementor widgets only, in a way that answers every user’s website needs and pain points.

Moonly Introducing Our New Kits Library 4

Another key priority to us when building every kit is to acknowledge that this won’t be the last version of the website our user is building. On the contrary, each kit is built on the premise that it should be inherently flexible, as users will continuously update their website — making it more and more personal. 

One example of this is how the icons we use in the kits are created through SVG files, whose color, sizing, and direction can be easily changed and modified. Another example is that image content that has been styled and adjusted in a kit can be replaced without having to re-style the newly uploaded image. 

What’s Next?

Every feature and widget that Elementor offers is put to use in the kits, which will be continuously updated according to both daily and industry needs. We will continue creating more and more types of kits — for website builders, marketers, and professionals to a wide range of clients. 

This is also where the wireframe kits come into play, as they act as a pre-built, clean structure that’s ready for customized content. Right from the start, you will have the ability to insert your individual design assets and start applying the designs your client needs.

What Do You Need To Do?

We encourage you to use any kit of your choice and tell us which other kits you would like to see us create in the future. With your input, we’ll be able to improve existing kits and provide more and more resources for your long-term use of Elementor. Look forward to more kits being released continuously throughout the upcoming months.

We are proud of the product we’re officially releasing — and believe it will be a strong foundation for your long-term use of Elementor, and we look forward to implementing your feedback so that we can improve the product as a result.