Introducing Finder: The Easiest Way to Switch Between Pages

Check out Elementor's brand new Finder, a search bar that offers easy navigation between different pages & dashboard settings. Read what it's all about, how it works and why it matters.

Building websites involves browsing through SO many different windows…

Think about it. In order to setup even the simplest website, you have to visit several places: the WordPress dashboard, Elementor editor, Elementor settings, the front-end of your site.

The result – dozens of opened tabs and lots of time wasted maneuvering between pages and screens.

Even editing a single page can become a challenge:

Going from the WordPress dashboard – > Elementor editor – > My templates – > Dashboard again – > Menu settings  – > View page, and so on


Thankfully, we came up with an easy and intuitive way to get you from A to B, no matter the A, no matter the B.

Introducing Finder, a handy search window that lets you go from anywhere, to anywhere. Reach any Elementor page or setting page from wherever you like on your site.

Meet Finder

How it Works

With Finder, we tried to create the easiest possible experience when navigating through different screens.

You can launch Finder from any place on your site. From the Elementor editor, from the backend admin area and even from the frontend of your site.

To open Finder, click CMD / CTRL + E, then search for where you want to go or what you want to do, and BAM, you’ll be transported faster than you can say ‘Beam me up Scottie’.

Use Finder to:

  • Create new content – Whether it’s posts, pages, custom post types, templates and so on.
  • Edit existing content – Pinpoint any posts, pages, templates or other content on your site and edit it with a click.
  • Browse through different Elementor screens – Navigate between the editor and the different Elementor settings pages.
  • Go to Tools & Settings – Reach screens like the custom fonts or integrations.
  • See your live site – Get direct access to the frontend of any page.
  • Site dashboard – Go to the menus dashboard, Customizer, themes and so on.

work faster

Improve Your Designer Workflow

While editing your homepage you suddenly spot a problem with your site’s header – what do you do?

Simply press CTRL / CMD + E to open Elementor Finder, then write the name of the header template and BAM – you’re editing it.

No more redundant browsing between pages!

Switch Between Pages in Elementor

By using Finder, you can easily locate any area of your interface without any redundant menu clicks.

This works not only in Elementor. Let’s say you’re viewing the frontend of your site, and you want to reach the custom font settings page. Use the same shortcut, search for the relevant place, and be seamlessly transported to the right destination.

Instantly Create a New Page

You’re editing a page or post, and want to start working on a different one? Now it’s possible! 

Search for ‘post’, and you’ll get the option to open a new post. This works for every post type, page, product, and so on…

Elementor Finder - A Powerful New Tool to Speed Up Your Workflow.

Built for Developers

If you’re a developer in charge of website security, you’ll be pleased to find that Finder is completely secured. It’s only available to users with admin access to the site, so you don’t have to worry about users with lower user roles accessing the administrator areas.

You’ll also be happy to hear that you can expand this feature, using our developers’ tutorial on how to add your own shortcuts to Finder.

While on the subject of documentation, an easy access to every part of Elementor’s docs is available through Finder, so if you get stuck you can always explore our help resources.


More Shortcuts to Explore

With the addition of Finder, Navigator and other recent interface improvements, it’s hard to keep track of all the keyboard shortcuts availalble in Elementor.

This is why we have added a new keyboard shortcut FOR KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS, a window that pops out when you press CMD / CTRL + ?, and shows you the full list of shortcuts. If there’s one keyboard shortcut worth remembering – it’s this one!

There’s a keyboard shortcut for nearly everything; using them will significantly speed up your workflow. Another added shortcut is ESC, which either escapes from any opened window, or opens the menu settings, which includes the ‘Exit to Dashboard’ or ‘View Page’ buttons.


Smoother navigation between pages has been one of the most popular user requests. Elementor Finder takes it to a whole other level, giving you an optimal design experience when building your website.

Having every part of your site within reach, means you get an uninterrupted flow that will never hold you back. Elementor Finder will soon become your new best friend.

What screens do you usually switch between when working on a new site? Let us know in the comments below!

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Ben Pines
Ben Pines
Elementor evangelist & head of content. Follow me on Twitter

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75 Responses

  1. This is unbelievable. I’ve been using Alfred for years and I would say it has saved me more time than anything else in my daily workflow. This is basically Alfred for WordPress. You don’t have to convince me on the benefits, I can’t wait to start using this. You guys should track how many clicks it would take to get from point A to point B and show how many clicks you’ve saved the user 😛

    1. I’m an Alfred user myself and I agree wholeheartedly with Rick on this. This will save users an unbelievable amount of time and clicks. Great new feature, guys!

  2. Elementor have continue to show that there’s a better way to doing thing. Awesome development speed from the Elementor Team. You have just saved users like me and millions out there a lot of clicks back and forth. Kudos

  3. The keyboard shortcut Ctrl+? is problematic as the ? is situated differently in different keyboard layouts.

    To get Elementor to actually display the Shortcut Cheatsheet, you need to press Ctrl+* on a Swedish keyboard.

  4. This is great and going to make creation and delivery of WEB sites to clients sooo much faster. Well done Ben and the Team

  5. Great, would it be possible to also make this available for non-logged inn users? Without the ability to open elementor edits on pages or edit anything of course. I’m sure allot of people would love Alfred-like navigation on web pages 😉

  6. Finder already works? If I press cmd+E, Finder doesn’t appear and the finder option in the page elementor menu doesn’t look.

  7. This looks awesome! I just upgraded to WordPress for my new site and was so happy to find Elementor because I love the ease that you can crank out a high quality website. This will just add another tool the toolbox – thanks for this!

  8. That is extremely helpful!! *Not to sound ungrateful but is there any possible way that you’d make it simple for us to change the hotkeys with a few clicks from the backend? (or did I miss something). Two handed keyboard shortcuts are such a pain. 🙂

  9. my wish came true! i can right click and copy a block, use the finder, go to another page and paste the block or the style!


    i am SO glad this is available. i’m doing a happy dance.

  10. I love Elementor … this is great! I was trying to teach a friend (we are both seniors but build a few sites, she’s new to WP) how to navigate and this overcomes some of the things I was showing her…like to Exit, go to Dashboard, then to Pages then to Edit with Elementor! WooWoo!

  11. I mentioned this in the facebook group but I know for myself it would be more helpful if the Add New Post defaulted to the WP editor if that’s possible. Not a huge deal to switch after but it would make it even more seamless. Also if the Create section came up at the top of the results and not at the bottom that would speed things up even more. This is already great but just a few minor things that could make it even better.

  12. AWESOME…this is going to be so helpful and save a lot of time. I almost always had at least two windows open and one was my WordPress Pages section so I could easily open any page I wanted to and the other windows was of course the Elementor page builder. I’m very thankful for this and all the changes and new features that you guys introduce to make Elementor even better…THANK YOU MUCHLY! 🙂

  13. Wow, this is an amazing addition. Thank you so much Elementor Team. I’m so glad I found this page builder – love all the improvements that are coming out…it is just getting better and better and I thought it was great from the beginning. Well done!

  14. So,

    is there any hope in getting Alfred aka Finder for WordPress without Elementor?
    I want to use that.
    I am an Alfred user too and all the praise that has been spreaded so far about Alfred is true.

    I have quite some projects where I don’t need Elementor – but I want to use Alfred for WP.

    That should be a stand alone plugin that Elementor integrates with …

    How did I miss that I was longing for that feature so long? 🙂

  15. Looking forward to trying this bit I’m not a fan of “keyboard only” shortcuts to launch it everytime.
    Can it be docked for constant use?

  16. Thank you Lord! I have no idea how many expletives I’ve used in the short time I have been creating websites with Elementor, as I go Pages>All Pages>Venues>Edit with Elementor and then the whole bloody process in reverse before I can edit the next page!

    Huge thumbs-up to Elementor and whoever pushed this through!

  17. Question not directly related to the finder but on the other new feature on this update: star rating. Cant find the related thread about it so I post here. Please feel free to move it if necessary.
    Here is the question:
    Is the new star system compatible? Thats is can it be indexed in google search? Thanks for your nice work guys

  18. Hey Matt…Looks great, but it’s not on my dashboard anywhere & I have the Pro version. Do I need to uninstall it & reinstall for it to show up?

  19. Fantastic feature! It was a pain to switch between pages without this, but now it’s excellent. Really great free version, thanks for not messing that up. It’s a shame the pro is annual subscription or I would get it just to show support for this excellent tool.

  20. Would be AMAZING if there was a way that FINDER could show all the pages. I tried typing in “page” but that only showed like 10 of my 25 pages.
    Can you get it to please show all pages in 1 list???
    Love Elementor!

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