1. WPBeginner Turns 10 Years Old

Why click: Celebrate with WPBeginner and get the chance to earn a prize. 
Tag: #WordPress
Time: 3-4 min

WPBeginner, the largest free WordPress resource site for beginners is celebrating 10 years. There are lots of product updates and additions like the WPBeginner Engage Facebook group where you can share and learn tips for using WordPress, the new hosting infrastructure with performance improvements and the free courses on YouTube. Most importantly, WPBeginner, in honor of their birthday, are giving away premium WordPress plugins, themes and more. Visit their site. 

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2. Web Designers Create the Most Annoying UI Ever

Why click: Go through the most annoying UI experience of your life and learn what you shouldn’t do. 
Tag: #UIDesign
Time: 5-7 min

The Belgian digital agency Bagaar has created a silly little parody site — User Inyerface. The website is designed to encompass all the annoying UI practices you can meet on the web like bad sign up forms, registrations, badly designed buttons and more. While silly and highly irritating, the website is educational. You’ll think twice before making your users go through that experience. 

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3. How to Build A Winning Creative: An Analysis of Over 10 Million Native Ads

Why click: Dive into the thorough analysis of over 10 million native ads to build a better creative. 
Tag: #Marketing
Time: 10 min

Ads. There sure are a lot of them on the internet. Some are bad, some are directed at the wrong audience and some have reached the right person at the right time—but failed to get their attention. Creative people have to be extremely engaging to catch the attention of their audience through native-ads, especially since, in the near future, native advertising will account for nearly 65% of digital display ad spending. Taboola is a company that analyzes millions of native-ad campaigns to find the best data-driven practices and industry-specific considerations for designing native campaigns. Learn more about the best ways to build a winning creative. 

4. How to Set Up a ClickFunnels Alternative with WordPress

Why click: Learn about the different alternatives to ClickFunnels and why you should use them. 
Tag: #Marketing
Time: 7-9 min

ClickFunnels is a good sales funnel builder. It offers an all-in-one combination of services like hosting, email marketing automation, forms, payment processing and more. It is highly popular, and yet not everyone can afford it, and to be completely honest, it has limitations. It’s expensive, ($297 per month) oftentimes it’s buggy and ugly and it’s a hosted platform which means that you don’t have true ownership. There are alternatives to ClickFunnels and you should learn about them. 

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5. Unlocking Your True Potential

Why click: Learn how to break free from your “limiting beliefs”. 
Tag: #Inspiration
Time: 35 min

Watch this video by Chris Do, the Emmy Award-winning designer, which is an interactive talk on how to break free of your “limiting beliefs” and how to conquer your critical inner voice. The video includes exercises which are an examination on how we assign meaning to events and how we can transform negative events into positive outcomes. 

6. Font Awesome with Duotone Colors and ICON Smashups

Why click: Learn more about the newly updated Font Awesome icon library. 
Tag: #Design

The new Font Awesome 5.9 update has been recently released. It includes 421 new and updated icons and now has more than 5,000 vector icons. It is a popular choice for WordPress theme and plugin developers and is one of the most used icon libraries in the world. The new update has introduced new icon duos, where some icons were put together with other icons and soon, Font Awesome will be introducing duotone colors to the library.

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7. The Fastest and Easiest Way to Inspect and Copy CSS

Why click: Start using the fastest and easiest way to inspect CSS
Tag: #Design
Time: 2 min

Inspecting CSS is not always easy. With CSS Scan 2.0 you can visualize the CSS of any element, instantly and copy it with a single click. Using the same technology as Google and Github, this tool works everywhere, it’s precise, shorthanded and has advanced optimizations. Give it a try.

8. How to Change Your WordPress Domain (Keeping SEO Benefits)

Why click: Discover how to change your WordPress domain and keep your SEO benefits. 
Tag: #WordPress
Time: 5-7 min

Changing domains can be difficult, tiring and problematic. Sometimes, however, it’s necessary. Maybe you are rebranding your business, or maybe you are merging multiple properties into one domain, or maybe you just want to start over. It doesn’t matter. The process shouldn’t be so difficult. Learn how to maintain and keep your SEO benefits like rankings, traffic, backlinks and more with just 8 easy steps. 

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