Our topics include WCEU 2019 highlights, helpful advice from Bill Gates to jumpstart your business, Instagram guide and tips that will maximize your success, photo editing apps for the mobile designer and more. 

Why click: WP Engine, a major WordPress management site, acquires its smaller, yet highly successful competitor, Flywheel, to take even more of the market share.
Tag: #WordPress
Time: 2-3 min

24 June 2019. WP Engine has entered into an agreement to acquire Flywheel, one of the most respected brands in WordPress, known for specializing in workflow and development tools for designers and creative agencies. By joining forces, they will now serve more than 120,000 customers in 150 countries, creating the largest Agency Partner Program in WordPress. Only recently we hosted a podcast with Dusty Davidson, Flywheels CEO, about bridging the gap between web designers and WordPress, and we were extremely impressed.

An important note to Flywheel’s users — there will be no immediate changes to the Flywheel platform, plans, or experience.

Why click: Get the highlights from Matt Mullenweg’s WordCamp Europe speech.
Tag: #WordPress
Time: 4-5 min

Last weekend, the highly successful and the fully sold out WordCamp Europe (WCEU) took place in Berlin, and our team was there, representing Elementor with dignity. In his anticipated speech, “Matt on WordPress”, Matt Mullenweg recounted Guttenberg’s progress over the past 9 months, reviewed its newest updates and talked about the upcoming features. He introduced some statistics and highlighted a few innovative real-world Gutenberg examples. 

Why click: Learn about the sacrifices you need to make to found your own business.
Tag: #Business
Time: 3-4 min

The name Bill Gates is synonymous with success, experience and pioneering. In a recent event hosted by Village Global, he sat down with Eventbrite’s co-founder and CEO Julia Hartz, to discuss founding a company and the tough decisions necessary to create and sustain a thriving enterprise: “I have a fairly hardcore view that there should be a very large sacrifice made during those early years.” Any freelancer or entrepreneur, whose goal is to found their own business must read this article.

Why click: Learn how to maximize your Instagram profile by creating an Instagram landing page.
Tag: #Instagram
Time: 5-7 min

Learn how to create and Instagram landing page with an Elementor plugin. Instagram’s limitations in terms of being able to add only one link is a problem, especially for bloggers. By using the Elementor plugin, you can easily create your own Instagram landing page on your blog. We thought that this was a great idea, and in the coming weeks we, too, will release an article about it, so stay tuned. 

Why click: Discover new and innovative photo editing apps for designers. 
Tag: #PhotoEditing
Time: 5 min

Our world revolves around the “on the go” idea. Photo editing has reached the point where you can make and edit photos on the go. You can apply filters, adjust colors, remove unwanted objects, add text and more, all from your mobile device. Pick any of the top 7 photo editing apps, and start editing your photos on the go. 

Why click: Take this short, beautifully designed quiz to discover your creative personality
Tag: #Creative
Time: 3-5 min

I love taking personality quizzes, don’t you? Adobe has created a beautifully designed quiz with short, 10 second, mesmerizing videos in between. When you finish the quiz, you’ll get a report about your creative type with explanations, strengths, and suggestions. Discover your creative personality.