1. WordPress VIP Go, good gd!

Why Click: Find out why you saw little succulents all over the net.
Tag: #WordPress
Time: 1 min

If you visited sites like TechCrunch, 9to5 Google, 9to5 Mac, Rolling Stone, Quartz or BBC America recently, you probably saw an unexpected succulent and I’m here to tell you, you’re not the only one.

Around 1:00 pm, June 11th 2019, something unexpected happened for sites hosted on the WordPress VIP Go platform and according to the WordPress VIP twitter account, it seems the issue has already been resolved. Read about what happened!

2. The Hamburger Icon: A History

Why Click: Dig deeper and learn about a part of UX design roots.
Tag: #UX
Time: 13 min

The hamburger icon, you know, the three little lines horizontally stacked in a square identify a site menu? That’s the one! Ever wonder where the Hamburger icon originated?

Invision is here to tell you all about it. They got digging and found Norm Cox, lead graphic designer on the Xerox Star, the one and only, creator of the Hamburger Icon.

3. Why Joost de Valk is leaving WordPress

Why Click: Connect with Joost on a more personal level.
Tag: #Business
Time: 6 min

The title says it all. In a very personal post, Yoast founder, Joost de Valk says “Let me explain why I’m stepping down.”

4. Building a Brand — YouTube Series

Why Click: You’ll get a behind the scenes view on the process of rebranding a company.
Tag: #Branding
Time: 11 min

The Futur is an online educational hub for creative entrepreneurs covering topics like education, design, business, learning and more. Anything to make the future you the best it can be. They recently posted the first episode of a series called “Building a Brand.”

“In this series, we’ll give you a behind the scenes look [as Blind helps to rebrand Hamilton Family Brewery] from start to finish. You’ll see how ideas are shaped and take the form of a new identity system, packaging, messaging, website, and ultimately see the brand launch.”

5. Breaking Down Email Subject Lines

Why Click: Perfect your email subject lines so you’re emails aren’t ignored!
Tag: #Marketing
Time: 15 min

Do you know how important the subject if your email is? It’s the first, maybe the second, thing your receiver will see. With so much spam flying around if your email subject isn’t sharp, to the point and attention-grabbing — you’ve lost your reader!

Sumo “picks apart the psychology behind 13 proven subject line examples, so you can learn the concepts and strategies, and inject them into your own emails right away.”

“Most emails never get opened.” Make sure yours do.

Bonus link: Template Monster 17th BDay Party

We had a blast celebrating Elementors 3rd Birthday, it’s time to hand over the party hat to Template Monster. Happy 17th Birthday! They’re celebrating with free premium bundles and up to 50% discounts and tons of other presents.