The Ultimate Guide to UX Design

Why click: Learn how to create a better UX design with this guide.
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UX is paramount when designing anything, especially websites. It focuses on the user’s overall experience and is defined by these criteria: ease of use, accessibility, and convenience. As a designer, your goal is to create memorable sites with great features, sites that are easy to use and ones that can deliver information effectively. The field of UX is a variable one as technology advancements, user preferences, and other factors affect it. That’s why it’s crucial to stay ahead of the competition. 

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If Likes No Longer Matter on Social Media, Then What Does?

Why click: Get up to date on Instagram’s decision to remove like counts and the changes it brings. 
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Time: 4 min

Instagram has begun its process of removing like counts from posts in the Instagram feed. This may seem like a major change. Likes are, after all, one of the most recognizable elements of social proof. In today’s world, likes are how we measure popularity. They provide insights on engagement metrics and are the easiest way to react to people we follow. However, likes are not the only signal we use to measure popularity, and as such, there is no need to fret too much about these changes. Get this information directly from Buffer’s VP of marketing — Kevan Lee. 

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Design Mentors Share 11 Tips for Excelling at Your First Job as a Designer

Why click: Learn from the best and excel at your job as a designer. 
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Time: 5-6 min

Landing a job as a designer is a great success, but excelling at your first job as a designer is another matter. Get helpful insights from successful design mentors to boost your own success. Learn more about how to ignore your inner saboteur, how to collect knowledge and more. Bottom line, never stop learning and evolving.

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New Windows Malware Can Also Brute-Force WordPress Websites

Why click: Be on the lookout for this new malware that attacks WordPress sites. 
Tag: #WordPress
Time: 5-6 min

Avast, the company behind the popular antivirus software, has discovered a strange, new malware strain, that, besides stealing and mining cryptocurrency on infected hosts, launches brute-force attacks on WordPress sites. The malware is named Clipsa, and has infected many users from around the world. This is a strange case because this feature — attacking WordPress sites, is rare and it is mainly carried out by botnets of infected servers or IoT devices. 

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7 Gorgeous Free and Open Source Typefaces and When to Use Them

Why click: Explore these free, stunning typefaces and learn when to use them.
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Time: 6-7 min

Typefaces are fundamental when conveying a message, creating an atmosphere or simply being artistic. Browse this amazing collection of completely free, interesting fonts with even more astounding names, like “Le Murmure”. The list comes with suggested font pairings and example cases. There are many more fonts to be found out there, but these could be the ones you need. At the very least, they’ll help kickstart your process. 

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Storytelling on Instagram

Why click: Learn how to tell stories on Instagram with images.
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Time: 5-6 min

Storytelling is a vital business tool. It makes companies friendlier, more likable, and approachable. Storytelling on Instagram can be difficult as it is purely image-based. Discover how to tell a story on Instagram with images. A simple collection of images accompanied by text can tell the brand’s story to your audience. This article goes into great detail, explaining why this or that case is a good example of Instagram storytelling. 

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The 7 Best UX Design Books

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Continuing with the subject of design, here are seven outstanding books on UX design. It’s a mix of design, product and business-related titles. This is essential reading for anyone working with UX. Their ideas are universal and can be applied to many aspects of life and work. This list, with well-written excerpts, will certainly be of benefit to you. 

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