The Best Books on Marketing

Why click: Enlighten yourself about marketing with these amazing books. 
Time: 5 min

Marketing is all about manipulating emotions, and it can be used both for good and for evil. What is good marketing? Well, it’s the act of changing things for the better by telling true stories to the right people. Marketing went through lots of changes in the past 30 years, before that, all you had to do was run some ads — the more, the better. Now you have to engage with others, to be a successful marketer. Learn more about the different types of marketing, like guerilla marketing, direct marketing and more, and discover amazing books on marketing that will enhance your understanding and improve your marketing techniques.

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WP Engine Acquires StudioPress

Why click: Familiarise yourself with important news relating to WordPress website building. 
Tag: #WordPress 
Time: 5 min

WP Engine is on the roll. First, it acquired Flywheel and now StudioPress, the service that helps build great WordPress sites. StudioPress, where knowledge of SEO, design, performance security, and support combine with 200,000+ customers and 500,000 sites powered by its Genesis Network, will now strengthen and improve WP Engine’s services.

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Say Farewell to FTP and Build WordPress Sites Faster Than Ever!

Why click: Increase your website’s speed with Local. 
Tag: #WordPress
Time: 2-3 min

File Transfer Protocols (FTP) can slow your website. Local (by Flywheel), has created a better service and it has everything you need to streamline an advanced development workflow. It gives you the power to push staging before production and it has many more interesting features for you to explore. 

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How Will Twitter's Redesign Impact Social Media Managers?

Why click: Bring yourself up to date about Twitter’s redesign and learn how it can impact you.
Tag: #Twitter 
Time: 4-5 min

Twitter has rolled out its new web experience for desktop devices, offering a revamped user interface. But how much more benefit does the design bring, is another subject. Understand what changes were made and adapt your strategy accordingly. 

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How to Address Google PageSpeed Insights Recommendations: Complete Guide

Why click: Explore and understand Google Page Speed Insights recommendations. 
Tag: #Performance
Time: 4-5 min

Recently, Google has released PageSpeed Insights recommendations, but they are not all too clear to some. WP Rocket has taken it upon themselves to provide us with a more comprehensible guide. Their guide includes a series of recommendations and warnings divided into two main categories: Opportunities and Diagnostics. 

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From Like Buttons to Message Bubbles: The UX Designs You Can’t Use

Why click: Understand how to protect your ideas and how to avoid someone else’s patented ideas. 
Tag: #Design
Time: 5-7 min

Designing a new user interface is hard, in fact, it’s much harder these days. Designers often look to other companies for inspiration. Yet, often they forget that some designs and features are patented and off-limits. This article offers great insights on what can and cannot be patented, and how to do it.

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8 Email Marketing Campaign Examples to Increase Conversions

Why click: Dive into great marketing campaign examples and learn how to increase your conversion. 
Tag: #Marketing 
Time: 7-8 min

Emails are amongst the most effective ways of reaching your audience. Great email campaigns are especially beneficial for better conversion rates. Get to know what an email campaign is and explore 8 great email marketing campaign examples, from welcome emails to abandoned cart emails, all with examples and explanations.

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