Since we launched Elementor 4.5 years ago, we have evolved from a modest page builder into a comprehensive website building platform. This change stems from our commitment to create the best possible platform to meet your emerging needs. In addition to the added value of the platform, we have grown together with our community. Elementor is now actively installed and used on more than 7M websites! Behind these sites is a wonderful, wide and diverse community – from first-timers to seasoned veterans, freelancers to big brands and agencies – all with specific needs and requirements.

Yet, our pricing model for Elementor Pro has hardly changed since it was introduced in 2016, and it’s time to update it. As we continue to scale, we want Elementor Pro plans to reflect your professional growth as web creators, from designing your first website, all the way to a successful agency. To best accommodate these evolving needs, we’ll be making changes to our Elementor Pro subscription plans, which will apply to new purchases made from March 9th, 2021.

Our new plan structure (see below) aims to grow alongside your business, while upholding the same entry-level affordability of the platform. I wish to stress again that If you’re on an existing active subscription plan, nothing changes for you.


The New Model - Key Points

What’s New?

Two new plans designed for bigger teams and users with a larger client base – Studio ($499 / year for up to 100 sites), and Agency ($999 / year for up to 1,000 sites)

The new plans have access to:

  • VIP Support – 24/7 live chat (read more below).
  • Team access to support (Studio – up to 5 members; Agency – up to 10 members) to enable efficiency in your workflow.
  • Tailor-made, relevant content – starting with 100+ additional website kits (coming soon in 2021).
  • Open a profile on our Experts network (open to Expert, Studio and Agency plans) to create new business opportunities.

These plans will get extended services in the future, such as more integrations to third-party tools suitable for larger teams.

What’s Staying the Same?

  • All current users with an active Pro subscription keep the same terms for that subscription.
  • Personal and Plus plans are not changing in terms of price and service. They will be renamed Essential and Advanced respectively.

What’s Changing?

  • Expert plans, purchased after March 9th, 2021 for $199 / year, will now support up to 25 sites. 
  • We want to give everyone a chance to get in on the current Expert plan ($199 / year for 1,000 sites) before it is discontinued – so users who wish to purchase this plan or upgrade to it, have the opportunity to do so before March 9th, 2021.

Important note for current Expert plan users! 

Users on the current Expert plan ($199 / year for 1,000 sites), who would like to access the Agency plan to enjoy VIP support, team access and more, will get a limited-time 50% discount when upgrading to the Agency plan (valid from March 9th, 2021 until June 9th, 2021). This discount will also apply on renewals as long as the account is kept active.

VIP Support: Deep Dive

Providing top-level support is a priority for us, and we see it as a vital element in your success. Over 2020, we made some significant inroads to improving the response and resolution time, through doubling our customer experience team, implementing new infrastructure and more. Over 2021, we will continue these efforts, aiming to expand the team further, doubling it again by the end of the year.

These improvements to our premium support, together with the new VIP support will ensure that our entire user base receives a level of service that matches the quality of our product.

As you grow as a web creator, you create a larger number of sites for your clients, with added complexity. This is reflected in the level and amount of support you need. To meet these needs, additional requirements to support must be met, such as a larger, dedicated team of specialised agents, with advanced training. The change to the Expert plan (new 25 sites quota), together with the addition of the new Studio and Agency plans, reflect the means needed to get there. 

Therefore, to scale the level of customer experience across the board, we will offer two tiers of support to our Elementor Pro subscribers:

Premium Support (Essential, Advanced and Expert)

  • Support by email, with a human response time of less than one business day (on average).

VIP Support (Studio + Agency)

  • Access to 24/7 live chat or support by email. Users who choose to open a ticket via email will receive a human response in less than 30 min from reporting an issue (on average).
  • Additional team members will have access to VIP support under the same subscription – Studio up to 5 members and Agency up to 10 members.

Looking Forward

These changes will help us to continue to offer you the best product, whatever the size of your business, while ensuring that the level of service matches. We have lots of exciting things in store for Elementor this year, including improving the core builder by adding innovative new features and new marketing / Ecommerce capabilities, revamping select features, and continuing to prioritize performance and your workflow.

We want to thank you, our community of web creators, for being on this journey with us. As always, your feedback is important to us, please reach out with any questions.

Thanks again for your support!