Today, Elementor reached an astounding 2 million active installs,
making it one of the most popular WordPress plugins ever.

We got here thanks to you, our community.

It all started with a single user, eager enough to try out this shiny new tool called Elementor.

Then, a newbie installed it,

Then a freelance designer, a blogger, a solopreneur, marketer, developer…

Now, Elementor is made up of a massively diverse community, spread across different professions, countries, ages, and roles.

There’s something different about Elementor as a company.
It’s the same thing that sets apart each and every user, including you, the person watching this video.

It’s the constant striving for improvement. Never settling for ‘that’s just how it’s done!’.

The ideas that eventually turn into features come almost exclusively from users like yourself.

Elementors from across the globe – I want to offer my sincere gratitude for being part of this great adventure.

You are part of Elementor, just as much as I am.

It took us 2.5 years to reach the first million, and only 7 months to reach the second.

Next stop – 10 million, and beyond.