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The Goal

Create a website with an online store to present and sell your products.


Learn how to create your online store with this visual step-by-step guide.

What's inside

Step by step guide to edit a kit into your own store:
13 units, 53 steps


This guide is for editing an Elementor Hosted kit; an installed kit on an Elementor Hosted website is required.

How to use
this guide

An Elementor Hosted website
equipped with a pre-installed kit
featuring an online store.



  • Follow the learning path unit by unit and step by step.
  • Each step in the learning path will guide you through the process of editing a kit and creating your own custom website.
  • Steps may explain concepts, demonstrate tasks, or both. When a step shows you how to do something, apply the instructions to your site.
  • After completing each step, refer to the additional resources provided to enhance your understanding before implementing the instructions.


The site menu enables users to easily navigate between different pages. The menu is separate from the page’s content and belongs to the template. In this unit, you’ll learn how to edit your menu.

Your Goal

Edit your menu.


  1. Menus allow your visitors to navigate within your site.
    To help users navigate through your site the menu should be accessible on every page, in the same place, and designed in the same way.
    Usually, the menu will be located in the header
    Here’s how menus work:
  2. The menu content , which links it holds, is set in WP.
  3. Here you can set which items (pages, links) appear on the menu.
    You can also set a sub-menu.
  4. In the Editor, the menu is displayed using a widget.
    However, it’s important to note that within the widget, you can only edit menu style.
  5. For the menu to be easily accessible for users, it is usually located in the header.
    You’ll need to access the header to change the menu’s appearance.
    See ‘Header and Footer’ unit on how to edit the header. 
  1. To edit the menu content go to the WP dashboard → Appearance.
    Add or remove pages from your menu and save changes. 
  2. To edit the menu style, access widget settings:
    In the Editor, the Menu is displayed using the WordPress Menu or Nav Menu widget.
    Click the menu to open the  widget’s settings to style the menu.

    [important_note] Elementor has introduced a new Menu widget that replaces the WordPress menu widget. The new Menu widget provides a simpler user experience as it allows you to add pages directly within the menu settings. Additionally, it offers extra features that are not available in the WordPress Menu widget.
    For more information see the Menu widget video below. [/important_note]

There are two methods you can use to create a menu. The first method is to create the menu content in WordPress and design it with Elementor. The second method involves using the Menu widget, which allows you to create and style the menu’s content in a simple and convenient way.

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