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What Are Alt Tags?

The ALT tag contains the alternative text for a visual or image on a web page. It carries weight in terms of organic SEO rankings and user experience

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What is Absolute Positioning?

Absolute Positioning is a web design technique that involves “breaking the grid” using absolute Positioning for elements. This helps create a unique and memorable design while offering a visually compelling user experience

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What Is Hello Theme?

The Hello Theme is built with lean, non-intrusive code and zero unnecessary stylings. This makes Hello the ideal choice for designers, developers, and anyone who creates WordPress websites

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What Is A Form Builder?

A Form Builder enables web designers to create customized forms for their sites. Web creation platforms offer Form Builders that are increasingly easy, simple, and fast to use

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What Is Inline Editing?

Inline Editing is a feature that allows users to seamlessly edit and write content visually and directly on-screen without having to toggle between a ‘read-only’ view and an ‘edit’ view

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What Is A Drag and Drop Editor?

A Drag and Drop Editor is a powerful editing tool with simple and easy-to-use features that let you effortlessly create, edit, and design entire websites or single pages by simply “dragging and dropping” design elements where you want them on a template

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