What Is A WooCommerce Builder?

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A WooCommerce Builder is an open-source WordPress plugin that enables you to customize the eCommerce components of your website. WooCommerce Builder helps create customized online stores to sell digital or physical products. In addition, they help web designers build online stores efficiently and visually.

WooCommerce Builder plugins, such as Elementor’s, let you replace default WordPress WooCommerce templates with endless customizations options to seamlessly sell your products. 

Do You Need a WooCommerce Builder?

While the WordPress theme designers may allow them to modify some WooCommerce components, it doesn’t provide the freedom to do so without some restrictions. However, by using the visual editor of a WooCommerce Builder plugin, you can customize every component of your eCommerce site as you wish – and with no web development knowledge required. As a result, many consider these plugins as a leading eCommerce store builder for any WooCommerce-powered website.

Benefits of a WooCommerce Builder

Popular eCommerce hosting platforms like Magento and Shopify offer an extensive range of e-store services with the expediency of third-party management – for a fee. However, for online store owners who want scalability, flexibility, and complete control over the look and functionality of their digital storefront, WooCommerce offers free tools. These tools are available for anyone creating a fully functioning online store capable of handling every stage of a retail transaction. 

What Are the Main Components of a WooCommerce Builder?

WooCommerce Builders comprise the following key components:

  • Shop page
  • Single product page
  • Product archive page (category and tag)
  • Checkout page
  • Cart page
  • Success page
  • Customer account page

Depending on the WooCommerce Builder you choose, you can create various custom templates. In general, you can create templates for the single product page, shop page, and product archive pages.


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