What Is A Form Builder?

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A Form Builder enables web designers to create customized forms for their sites. Web creation platforms offer Form Builders that are increasingly easy, simple, and fast to use. 

Why Use a Form Builder?

Forms are a crucial element for most websites, especially e-commerce sites. They may be the ultimate point where you gather contact details of potential leads. Unfortunately, if you’ve hired a web developer to create a coded, static HTML site, you’ll have to take a number before they finally start building your Forms. However, if you’ve chosen an open-source CMS like WordPress, the Form Builder tool allows you to create a great-looking web form quickly and easily without writing a single line of code!

How Does a Form Builder work?

Form Builders allow you to drag & drop questions and form fields where you need them with web creation platforms. One can also play with a form’s color and structure and more! 

Form Builder use cases:

  1. Create web forms quickly & collect data professionally
  2. Embed or share web forms without any higher level of computer knowledge
  3. Quickly receive notifications whenever someone fills out the form
  4. Browse responses in one place and see them clearly
  5. Ability to download responses in Excel, CSV, or PDF formats 
  6. Ability to analyze and share form reports with co-workers to plan optimization techniques to maximize conversions
  7. Receive instant alerts and browse responses on mobile devices


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