What Is A Drag and Drop Editor?

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A Drag and Drop Editor is a powerful editing tool with simple and easy-to-use features that let you effortlessly create, edit, and design entire websites or single pages by simply “dragging and dropping” design elements where you want them on a template. 

Commonly referred to as WYSIWYG HTML editors (What You See Is What You Get), Drag and Drop Editor programs allow web creators to see their designs as they build them in real-time and require no prior knowledge of conventional code.

Moreover, the working space of drag and drop editors is accessible, resembles a familiar user interface (MS Word), and has several options for adding elements and adjusting them to suit the design. These include changing style, size, color, and location. You also do not need specialized knowledge to work with the Drag and Drop Editor. Any design element that has been “dragged and dropped” will automatically be supported by a suitable HTML code.

Drag and Drop Editor Benefits

Constantly swapping between tabs to preview or inspect your design is becoming a thing of the past. Instead, Drag and Drop Editors are quick, easy to manage, and instantly gratifying when designing a site without much HTML knowledge.      

Their many benefits include:

  • Simplicity and ease-of-use – Focus on design with no knowledge of basic coding. Moreover, designers can create and arrange blocks of information more effortlessly than with traditional code.
  • Easy-to-use UI requires less effort – No need for developers’ help in structuring content, arranging layout, or the overall design process.
  • Developers can focus on design – No need to worry about how the HTML code will look.
  • Access to special functions – These make steps like table creation easy.
  • Responsiveness – Simplifies tasks like font preview and image resizing than with traditional code. Furthermore, a CMS allows designers to see how the site will look on different screens, including landscape and portrait mode.
  • Accuracy – Designers save time by not having to constantly check the code to validate tags. The program accuracy allows mistakes to be made solely on the design, removing the need to validate tags.



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