What Is A WordPress Database?

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The WordPress Database is an essential part of WordPress where core settings and website data are stored. When talking about stored data, it is not only basic details like usernames and passwords.

It includes all blog posts, pages, comments, website themes, WordPress configuration settings, and more. The Database ensures fully optimized webpage functioning and superior data management. It can also be life-saving for storing, retrieving, and backing up valuable data.

How Does the Database work?

There are several ways to access and use the Database. First, WordPress uses MySQL as its database management system. MySQL is open-source software responsible for managing WordPress Database components, such as user data, user meta, comments, posts, and more. Second, as the language of instruction to create, read, update, and delete data from the MySQL database, WordPress uses PHP via the SQL query in the PHP markup.

The Database stores your data in the form of tables, each of which comprises unique data displayed in rows. These rows also contain other pieces of information or parameters. WordPress automatically creates core database tables (12 WordPress 4.4) upon setting up a WordPress website. 

Note of advice:

After using WordPress for a while, your Database becomes patchy. There are memory overheads that boost your overall database size and query execution time. MySQL comes with an easy command allowing you to optimize your Database.


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