What Is An Image Slider?

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An Image Slider is an animated WordPress design element used to display videos and images on a website. Like a slideshow, Image Sliders show one video or image at a time. The content changes when visitors click to see the next slide, or it changes automatically after a few seconds.

When to Use an Image Slider?

Freelancer or business sites often use sliders to showcase their most important work or portfolio in an eye-catching, attention-grabbing way. Sliders come with arrows, thumbnails, or buttons to allow visitors to see a specific image or control what they see. The aim is to engage them with targeted content, like promoting a unique offering, so that they stay on a page longer than average.

If you don’t use sliders for a specific purpose, you can annoy visitors, lower conversion rates, and cause “banner blindness,” where viewers see a spam-looking ad. To avoid this, consider using image sliders to:

  • Display news updates
  • Make unique content stand out
  • Help visitors quickly choose options 
  • Display photo galleries
  • Present professional portfolios
  • Showcase current eCommerce sales

Take note; some image slider plugins are slow and not cross-device compatible. Make sure you choose one that doesn’t dilute your message and SEO impact, affect loading times, look bad on mobile, cause user confusion, and harm your key messages.


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