Dear community members,

Having been at Elementor for almost six months, I’d like to personally introduce myself — I’m Ron Sherill, the Head of Customer Experience. I want to take this opportunity to fill you in on what I’ve been up to and talk about where we’re headed.

I arrived at Elementor with the mission to bring our support to a level fitting of the platform and other services we provide. This may not come as a surprise to you, since our support is a pain point for some of our users. We hold ourselves to exacting standards and want to do better.

Prioritizing Support

At Elementor, our aim is to empower you, web creators, with all the tools you need to succeed. We know that customer support is an important pillar in that. That’s why, in addition to being prioritized in 2020, improving Elementor support is a company-wide goal for 2021. 

In 2020 we began to make serious inroads on improving the response and resolution time. We know these factors have the greatest impact on our users. The key here was to double our support team, while retaining a high quality of response. We will continue to invest in this throughout 2021, as part of a comprehensive support plan. I’ll share some more details below.

Fundamental Efforts To Do Better

Over the past six months, we have laid down the infrastructure needed to ensure that significant and lasting improvements would be felt by our users. 

Doubling Our Team

Throughout the year, we doubled our team to meet the 30,000 plus conversations we receive each month. Today, 70 employees are spread across 19 countries and offer global coverage. I’d like to introduce you to some of them below. Take a look!

Over 2021, we will continue to expand the team further, with an aim to double it again by the end of the year. The full restructure will be rolled out, along with new technologies and tools we are implementing, so there is a lot to look forward to.

Advanced Helpdesk Software

We identified and began to switch to a superior Customer Experience helpdesk software, to allow for advanced customer personalization, measurement data and a more streamlined workflow.

Investing in Our Agents

We developed an academy for support agents, and are building a smarter, more agile structure. The restructure will take us from a flat team to a tiered system, with dedicated leaders managing our regional teams. Coupled with the new support platform, we are streamlining our response, so that your conversations will get to the right person, at the right time, and quicker than before.

Deepening Communication Between Support and Product

In the past few months, we have considerably strengthened communication between our customer experience and product teams, to make sure your feedback fixes issues and also help produce new features you need. Most notably, we are building a new team that will be the linking unit between Elementor’s users and our product development.

Results Since September

Our efforts seem to bear fruit, as seen by the stats below. 

  • The first response measure to you, our users, is now two times faster than it was in September
  • The resolution time, meaning the time it takes to solve a user conversation, is also twice as fast as it was then
  • Our customer satisfaction score went up by 13%, indicating that our efforts are beginning to be felt
These stats are encouraging, especially considering the significant growth in our user base and the 25% increase in number of received tickets we experience through 2020.

Looking Ahead

One of my hobbies is taking part in archery tournaments. I am sharing this, since for me, leading the support team has a lot to do with staying on target. Our target is in sight and we will keep on pushing to do better, so you can benefit from a consistently improving service.

We still have a way to go, but we will work hard, and not rest until Elementor offers not only the best editor in the world, but it also gives you, our users, the leading support to match. 

I will be sure to update you of our progress, so watch out for my blog post 3 months from now. In the meantime, as always, we are happy to hear from you. Please feel free to write your feedback or suggestions in the comments below.

Meet Our Awesome Support Team!

Our plans to improve support would not be possible without the stellar support team at Elementor. 

I want to introduce you to some of the people behind the ticket replies. Go ahead and hover over the image, to get to know more about the people behind Elementor.