Elementor Talks #2: Troy Dean of WP Elevation

I had the great pleasure to interview Troy Dean of WP Elevation for the second time. This time, we spoke about succeeding in the competitive world of WordPress.

Troy Dean is a prominent figure in the world of WordPress.  A renowned online marketing speaker, coach, consultant, and podcaster, Troy is the founder of the australian based WP Elevation, as well as other successful digital projects. 

Listen to the full interview, and read about the major takeaways that followed.


Biggest Challenges WP Professionals Face

The most common challenges or pain points that novice WordPress consultants are facing:

  • I don’t have enough clients.
  • I have too many clients who wanna pay me 500$ for a website, and I can’t keep building websites for 500$ because it’s not sustainable.
  • I can’t communicate what I do to my clients.
  • How do I find clients who are willing to pay me a decent fee for a decent website.
  • I’ve got too much work on, and things are starting to fall through the cracks. I need to improve my processes.


Stop Selling WordPress Websites

If you want to build a successful business as WordPress consultant, you need to stop selling WordPress websites to your clients. Building a website is just one of the parts of the overall solution you can offer to your potential clients. This way, you can monetize for a wide range of services.


The Key to Success is Specialization

You need to specialize in a niche, and work out what problem it is that you solve, and who you solve this problem for. It would also be very useful to be passionate about your field of specialty. This way you will differentiate yourself from your competitors. For example, Troy’s agency is specializing in helping charities and non-profit organizations to raise money. 


Learn to Communicate Your Value

You have to understand and be able to communicate the value that you offer your clients, in exchange for them paying you. Be really good at listening to what your clients are asking for, make sure you understand what they want. Read between the lines!


Finding Your Sweet Spot

This is probably the most essential takeaway: know your sweet spots and focus on your strenghts and passions. Take the time to create a divided list of skills on one side, and passions on the other. Then, figure out where the overlap between the separate lists is. This is your ‘Sweet Spot’. Investing in a project that combines your best skills and passions will be beneficial for your business, and certainly the most beneficial for your clients.

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5 Responses

  1. While I don’t make a living from websites, but if I wanted to, one mental bottleneck I think I have for myself is to charge enough. I find WordPress to be quite easy, efficient and fun to where it would be a really tough sell for myself to charge enough. I’m thinking it’s nothing to do full time.

  2. Hi Ben,
    Nice work done! The view and opinios from the expert is correct! Think about more about your clients and it will be better understading to both sides and will be good to each other. Thanks!

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